Clubs & Activities

MRA strongly encourages all students to become involved in their school community in order to enhance and improve their educational experience. We offer a variety of extracurricular opportunities in addition to interscholastic sports for grades 6-12. MRA also challenges students to demonstrate leadership by proposing the creation of new clubs and activities.

Below is a list of special clubs and activities:

  • Student Government
  • National Honor Society
  • Drama 
  • Yearbook

Community Partnerships

Newport Fitness and Spa offers free memberships to MRA students.

Listen Community Service Dinners: Mount Royal has partnered with the Listen Community to provide students the opportunity to serve those in need.


Statement of Purpose

The two primary objectives of households are as follows:

  • Formation in virtue
  • Fellowship with others

The Household framework is modeled on Franciscan University. Below is an adaptation of Franciscan’s purpose statement:

Households are Spirit empowered, Christ-led groups of Mount Royal students from multiple grade levels who seek to do the will of the Father in their lives. These communities are formed to help members grow in mind, body, and spirit through mutual support and accountability in the ongoing conversion process exemplified in the lives of the saints.


Households will consist of 2-4 students from each grade level (grades 1-12). Each household will be supervised by two full-time faculty members. The eldest students (junior and seniors) will serve as leaders. These eldest students will receive mentorship from the faculty supervisors. The household leaders will coordinate and direct all activities, thereby growing in servant leadership and virtue. Faculty supervisors are primarily responsible for selecting, guiding, and encouraging the household leaders. Faculty supervisors will provide practical suggestions for the household leaders, in addition to moral encouragement.

Household Charism

Each household will select a charism or spiritual inspiration to focus on and emulate throughout the year. This could be a saint, biblical motif, biblical story, biblical image, icon, or some other inspirational event in the history of the Catholic Church. This will be an uplifting, energizing, and uniting dynamic intended to bring the Household closer to Christ, and to each other, representing the spiritual identity of the household. Naturally, the first household activities of the school year will include discernment about the charism.

Household Scheduling & Activities

Established school-wide event (Spirit Week, All Saints’, Catholic Schools’ Week, Field Day, etc.) will be transitioned to the households. Time will be set aside on specific dates for households to perform various activities together including prayer, service, and games. There may also be spontaneous occasions when households will meet, for the surprise that results from spontaneous action can really increase wonder, excitement, and appreciation. Households may occasionally sit together at Mass or rosary, or for lunch.