Letter to Homeschoolers

Dear Homeschooling Parents and Students,

Mount Royal Academy is proud of its homeschooling origins. Our school was started by several homeschooling families who wanted to combine resources and gifts in order to provide their children with a type of education that not only informs, but forms their character, virtue, and faith. Although our mission has now been extended to include families that may not necessarily be tied directly to homeschooling, our core objective remains the same: to support parents in their role as the primary educators of their children.

We are also extremely thankful that homeschooling parents continue to transition their children into our school. Our doors are always wide open to homeschooling families, as evidenced by our conscious effort to include them in our athletics, ski programs, and school events. We offer special attention to homeschooling students as they adjust to the academic and social changes that uniquely influence their entrance into our community, as well as their overall character formation.

We understand that a parent’s choice to homeschool is driven largely by the intent to educate the whole child: mind, body, and soul. We strive to help God shape Saints, and we therefore focus all our efforts on guiding children towards the Kingdom of God.

Several staff members and current Mount Royal families have experience homeschooling their children, and any prospective homeschooling family should be assured of the support of our entire community. Parents, teachers, and administrators all share a real understanding of the distinctive background that homeschooling students and families bring to our school, and we embrace all that they have to offer our community.

Our admissions team is acutely aware of the different experiences, methods, and forms of instruction that are unique to homeschooling. When we review a homeschooled applicant, we certainly recall the natural form of instruction and formation that takes place in all homes, where children are praised for who they are, their level of virtue, and the dignity that they share because they were created in the image and likeness of God. We will always accept a homeschooling child, no matter what material they have or have not covered, so long as we can serve the needs and cultivate the gifts of the child.

Finally, we reiterate our firm acceptance of the truth that parents are primary educators in the lives of their children. We welcome the input of all parents as we aim to develop a plan that places each student on the path towards moral, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Parents should never hesitate to make recommendations regarding their child’s performance, capabilities, and goals.

Most Sincerely in Christ,

Derek Tremblay