Fourth Quarter Academic Honors 2024

Mount Royal Academy is pleased to announce academic honors for the 4th Quarter of the 2023-2024 school year. 

(Summa Cum Laude: 3.9-4.00, Magna Cum Laude: 3.7-3.89, Cum Laude: 3.5-3.69)

Grade 6

Summa Cum Laude: Angela Moorehouse 

Magna Cum Laude: Liliana Chimienti, Joseph Flaig, Maria Gik, Evangeline Nadeau

Cum Laude: David Breisch, August Graham-Snyder

Grade 7

Summa Cum Laude: Haley Elkind, Emma LeBlanc, Lucy Treece, Jubilee Tremblay, Juliana Yost

Grade 8

Summa Cum Laude: Anela Jenkins, Kathryn McLaughlin

Magna Cum Laude: Kolbe Dowsett, Charles Lee, Liam Swegart

Cum Laude: Isab...

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2024 Commencement

Welcome Address
Walker Earle 24'

Good morning and welcome to Mount Royal Academy’s Class of 2024 graduation. Thank you Father Michael, Mr. Tremblay, faculty, family, fellow students and friends for joining us as we celebrate our achievements and prepare to step into this next chapter of our lives. 

We are one of the smaller graduating classes in Mount Royal’s history. The Class of 2024 was as large as 28 students during elementary school and roughly 18 by our sophomore year. After our sophomore year, several students parted ways, and left the eight of us that stand before you today - the ...

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Moments that move the soul

If I were to describe the month of May in a single word it would be ‘moving’, and there are quite naturally several converging experiences occurring at this very moment which incite this ‘moving’ sentiment. 

And what I mean by ‘moving’ is multifaceted: the soul is moved by culminating experiences marking both the end and beginning of a new phase in life; the soul is moved by the relationships which marked our daily existence together for a substantial period of time, yet no longer the same; the soul is moved by seeing God’s children grapple with their existence and then share an original resp...

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Window into the Classroom - Technology

Mr. Bean shares another installment of his classroom lectures series published on Bethlehem Society.

Our technology policy is very important to us here at Mount Royal Academy. We restrict the use of cell phones on our campus as a service to the students themselves. We want to give them the gifts of silence, beauty, and authentic social interaction. Modern technology is a powerful tool that can be used for good, but we need to be able to put it away for a time if we are going to pursue these other ends. 

Today I’d like to give you a window into the classroom at Mount Royal Academy. I recently ...

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Student Essay Published on "Star of Bethlehem"

One hallmark of a good education is the ability to write well. After reading a great work and discussing it in class, students are tasked with an assessment that invites them to articulate what they have learned. They are called upon to write well. When a student rises to the occasion and submits an essay that shines with persuasion, clarity, and originality, it is a moment worthy of recognition. We are pleased to present such a moment here.

St. Therese and How to be a Disciple – Bethlehem Society

"This week, I am happy to share another student’s work published in the Star of Bethlehem. Alyss...

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I am the Good Shepherd

I’m not sure why it always surprises me how the liturgical seasons so perfectly echo the seasons of the year, but it frequently does. This Sunday, as spring is finally winning its annual battle against winter, we heard the parable of the Good Shepherd.  Who doesn’t associate lambs with spring?

And who doesn’t associate the Good Shepherd with the gentle, smiling man who is willing to leave the 99 sheep to search after the one who is lost?  It is a beautiful image which reflects the love of God for his people, even the lost ones.  Especially the lost ones.

But there is more go...

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Third Quarter Academic Honors 2024

Announcing Academic Honors for the Third Quarter of 2023-24

(Headmaster's List - Summa Cum Laude: 3.9-4.00, High Honor roll - Magna Cum Laude: 3.7-3.89, Honor Roll - Cum Laude: 3.5-3.69)

Grade 6

Headmaster’s list: Liliana Chimienti, Joseph Flaig, Angela Moorehouse, 

High Honors: Maria Gik, Evangeline Nadeau

Honors: Claudia Gannon

Grade 7

Headmaster’s list: Emma LeBlanc, Lucy Treece, Jubilee Tremblay, Juliana Yost

High Honors: Haley Elkind, Emma Kelley

Grade 8

Headmaster’s list: Isabella Acevedo, Charles Lee, Kathryn McLaughlin, Liam Swegart

High Honors: Allison Cass, Kolb...

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Another Student Featured in the “Star of Bethlehem”

This week, I am delighted to share another student’s work published in the Star of Bethlehem. Katherine McMenaman is a very talented painter and recently contributed this piece titled “Sign of Contradiction.” You can take a look at her work and read the accompanying reflection that she wrote below. 

-Mr. Ambrose Bean, Humanities Teacher

The artist's meditation:

“This is the Sign of Contradiction. It contradicts the things you have been told: that life is confirmed by the things of the world; that life is everything we have here and now; that someday, in the end, you will be plucked out of the...

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The meaning of history

Immediately prior to these words finding their way onto the page, I witnessed my youngest daughter returning undeniably enlivening signs of affection back to my wife. The gaze upon a child of God that has not met the world in its fullness is something that cannot be replicated, much like a total eclipse of the sun. Her face is so innocent, beautiful, and excited. Why can’t we all be that excited at such seemingly simple interactions with our loved ones? 

Every time I sit down to write this looking for inspiration and asking the Holy Spirit to assist, I discover that family life has it all - e...

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Student Art Featured by Star of Bethlehem

Student Featured in the “Star of Bethlehem”

There are many talented artists at our school. This week, I am delighted to share another student’s work published in the Star of Bethlehem. Peter Hogan has been working on his skill with calligraphy for a long time, and his subject matter is almost always faith based. This particular piece displays a passage from the Gospel of Luke 23:39-43. I hope others can appreciate this as much as I have. We might see some more work from Peter in the future. 

Mr. Ambrose Bean, Humanities Teacher

The text reads:

And one of the malefactors which were hang...

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