Liturgical Life

Mount Royal’s liturgical life animates and sustains the life of our school as we seek to grow in holiness as disciples of the risen Christ, present to us in His Church. The rhythm of our school day is punctuated by regular communal prayer and participation in the sacramental life of the Church. 


A reverent and beautiful all-school mass is held weekly on Fridays at 10:15am. Students volunteer to sing in a school choir which prepares traditional hymns and chant in accord with the liturgical season, and boys volunteer to altar serve. Confession is available to students after mass.


A prayer or brief meditation is said before each class, and the midday Angelus (or Regina Caeli), during the Easter season, is prayed prior to lunch. Lauds, the morning prayer of the Church, is prayed by junior high and high school students each morning at the start of the school day. On Mondays, Lauds is followed by the praying of the Holy Rosary by the whole school. Elementary school students pray in the chapel several times a week, and are taught to conduct themselves reverently, to make the sign of the cross, and to pray the traditional prayers of the Church (the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Angel of God prayer, and others). Adoration is held monthly for students and parents to adore the Eucharistic Presence of Christ in the chapel, and high school students have the opportunity to sign up during their study halls to daore him. 


All are invited to pray with our students! Please join us for mass, rosary, or adoration if you are able. 

Our Chapel

Our chapel is St. Joseph's oratory, situated at the heart of the elementary school building, and students and teachers adore Jesus in His Eucharistic Presence with regular chapel visits and  spontaneously throughout the day.