Liturgical Life

The Catholic identity of Mount Royal Academy influences every facet of our mission. We focus on keeping first things first. Each day begins with prayer which is also interwoven throughout the school day. 

There are three main components of Campus Ministry at Mount Royal Academy:

  1. Liturgical life and prayer
  2. Service
  3. Retreats

The liturgical and prayer life at MRA include the following: 

  • Mass is offered weekly on Fridays at 10:15 am
  • Confession is available for students after Mass
  • The Holy Rosary is prayed together as a school on Monday mornings at 8:15 am
  • Junior high and high school prays Lauds together every morning to start the day
  • Monthly Adoration, where students and parents adore the Eucharistic presence of Christ in the chapel
  • The midday Angelus or Regina Coeli before lunch
  • Prayers or brief meditations before each class that focus on the liturgical season

All are invited to pray with our students! Please join us for Mass, Rosary, or Adoration if you are able.

Students in the elementary school are continually called to serve one another in the classroom, while at the same time contributing to other service projects for the sake of the entire school. Students in the high school are expected to complete a minimum number of service hours per year, and they also compile a service portfolio as part of their theology credits. Ongoing off campus service projects include:

The entire school also participates each year in multiple fundraising, canned goods and clothing drives such as the Rice Bowl campaign, and the East Africa Charitable Projects Fund, a locally based non-profit that performs pro-life ministry in Africa, as well as many others. 

Retreats are crucially important for faith formation. High school students experience at least one retreat a year. Core Team Members in Campus Ministry take a leadership role by either organizing and implementing student-led retreats, or helping support retreat leaders that are brought in from outside the school community. Past retreats have included Net MinistriesMartin DomanChristopher West, and NH Youthfest