1st Quarter Academic Honors 2018-2019

Mount Royal Academy has announced academic awards of junior high and high school students for the first quarter of the 2018-2019 school year. Twenty-three students earned a position on the Headmaster’s List with a 4.0 average for the first quarter. To receive Honor Roll recognition, eligible students must achieve straight A’s for the Headmaster’s List, no less than a B+ for the High Honors List, or no less than a B for the Honors List. In total, fifty-seven students received academic awards.

Grade 6

Headmaster’s List:  Melody Heacock, Luke Moorehouse, Nora Walsh

High Honors:  Mary Frances Reid

Honors:  Kaitlyn Costello, Anthony Dow, Claire Jackson, Hannah Martin, Athanasius Orlowski

Grade 7

Headmaster’s List: Joshua Bissah, Sarah Cunningham, Lauren Dustin, Regina Orlowski, Brennan Walsh

Honors: Lauren Brewer, Spencer Cunningham, Peter Hogan, Terese Klucinec, Emily Richardson

Grade 8

Headmaster’s List: Luke Kalpakgian, Anya Moorehouse, Lyndsey Patten, Julia Stout

High Honors:  Maryrose McLaughlin

Honors: Nonah Dowsett, Susan Kanu

Grade 9

Headmaster’s List:  Caleb North

High Honors:  Vinzenz Vingl

Honors: Liam Ouellette

Grade 10

Headmaster’s List:  Brendan Moorehouse, Bridget Wallace, Anna Yost, Sarah Yost

High Honors: Emma Treece

Honors: Marius Edwards, Maryl Rees

Grade 11

Headmaster’s List: Henry Harman, Kateri Kalpakgian, Aidan Moorehouse, Andrew Normandin

High Honors: John Klucinec, Mary Grace Klucinec

Honors:  Amy Alterisio, Luke Bocko, Benjamin French, Grace Mather, Tristan Ouellette, Antigoni Souliotis

Grade 12

Headmaster’s List:  Erin Diebold, Jacinta Hogan

High Honors:  Philip Dahlberg, Alexis Matte, Elizabeth Orlowski

Honors: Teresa Bellino, Hannah Fraioli, Zhiwei He, Joseph Heacock