A New First for MRA Community

We have some extremely exciting news to share. This August marks the first time that members within our school community will be making a pilgrimage to World Youth Day. Cheryl Mihaly and her daughter Alexandra are journeying to Madrid Spain, and will participate in the WYD ceremonies between the 16th and 21st.

Alex has courageously taken upon the task of blogging about her spiritual experience throughout the pilgrimage. Although she is not entirely aware of how much internet access she will have so we can trail her experiences live, she promises to put forth her best effort to eventually reveal her personal reflections, whenever she reaches the world wide web.

We invite you to follow along as she witnesses to what will surely be an exhilarating and uplifting encounter with Jesus Christ. We will also kindly ask that you strongly consider praying alongside them, or even going so far as to offer a novena for their intentions.

Previously, videos depicting images from World Youth Days in years past have been posted on the blog. Alex actually utilizes a concise history available on the WYD website to help explain the origins and purpose of this powerful event.