Affordable Education Is Within Reach

Many parents mistakenly think they can’t afford to send their children to a private school. After all, “private” sounds expensive. However, not all private schools are the same. Mount Royal Academy is very affordable and worth a closer look.

This is not meant to minimize the great, and often difficult, sacrifices many parents make to send their children to MRA. The school’s faculty and administration are aware of and humbled by this witness to the importance of an education that is not only grounded in the truth, but oriented towards eternity. Nevertheless, many don’t realize that need based financial aid and scholarships are available. Parents simply need to contact the school to begin the conversation.

One family explained it thus, “Our experience has been one of overwhelming generosity on a grand scale.  The school has met us where we were at time and time again.  There were times when our budget could not afford the full cost and through an honest conversation a solution was worked out.” 

Another mom added, “Yes, private education costs families extra, but my husband and I feel it is so worth the sacrifice. If planned out correctly and with the financial aid that the school willingly provides, we have been able to keep our children at the school since 2004. Even when times were extremely tough, MRA found a way to help us keep our children at the school. We are ever so grateful to the entire Mount Royal community.”

The scholarships offered are available to new families that come into the school. The Tom Ryan scholarship provides tuition assistance to large families seeking a catholic education. This scholarship is offered in loving memory of its namesake, who championed catholic education during his lifetime. Details about this scholarship can be obtained by contacting the admissions department.

A transfer scholarship is offered to families who, as the name implies, are looking to transfer a student into MRA from another school. This scholarship serves as an incentive to those who are looking for an alternative to the status quo but need some reassurance that MRA is the right choice.  

There are also organizations like the Children’s Scholarship Fund which exist to empower parents with the ability to choose an education that best suits the needs of their child. Thanks to a New Hampshire law that allows businesses to earn tax credits for donations to the scholarship fund, many families across the state are able to choose a private education for their child, including several MRA families.

Mount Royal awards up to $300,000 in total financial aid to qualifying families each year. Thanks to God’s gracious will, tenacious fundraising, established relationships with generous benefactors, and shrew planning by school leadership, the school continues to deliver a qualitatively better educational experience at a fraction of the cost. When considering the final end of education, namely, a mind and soul equipped for eternal joy, it is undoubtedly worth every penny.