A Beloved Benefactor Goes Home

Dear Families,

It is with a heavy heart that I report Ed Broom has gone home to his eternal rest. He passed away on Saturday, October 1st, the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux. I had the privilege of attending Mass with Mr. Broom this summer during the customary visit of Fr. Ed Broom (his son, an Oblate of the Virgin Mary), and I can honestly share that his love for our Lord originated from a childlike devotion.  He had nothing to gain, except for the salvation of souls.

Mr. Broom has been a longtime board member and benefactor of the school. 

This morning, I was lectoring at St. Patrick's parish in Newport. The first reading nearly brought me to tears, and I had to quickly recollect myself during the psalm.  I could only think of his example; Mr. and Mrs. Broom's commitment to Catholic education and the construction of the Kingdom of God will inspire us for years to come. In all honesty, Mount Royal Academy would not exist without Ed and Joan Broom.

We all know the obstacles we face, but Ed's optimism and heart are a source of grace and hope. I fondly recall how his eyes ignited at the sight of children. He only wanted children to know the love of Jesus. As I write this, I can't help but pray, "Please Ed, don't let me mess this up for you." He took a chance on Mount Royal Academy, and with an entrepreneurial spirit combined with a deep devotion to the Catholic faith, MRA has become a big part of his legacy.

We cannot neglect his greatest legacy, the family that Ed and Joan built. Ed and Joan made it look easy, but having interacted with their family members, you know what they were about. Ed and Joan willed the greatest happiness possible for their children and grandchildren: heaven.  And yet, we are part of their family. Joan in fact gave my wife and I a gift for our newborn son Timothy Norman very recently. She personally delivered it to me on campus. Ed Broom became involved in MRA because Joan was cleaning bathrooms at our original campus in Newport.  

I remember watching my own grandfather pass into heaven in the fall of 2015, and I can only think of how we now have two champions in heaven for us now.

I think it is time for a celebration! We will never give up on our mission because Ed never gave up on us. Please join us in honoring his legacy this Friday. Instead of going to La Salette, we will go to his funeral as a school community. His obituary is available online; more details will follow in the coming days. We will not have school on Friday October 7th. Families are strongly encouraged to join our bus transportation to the funeral Mass. We will provide a shuttle service from the school; buses will depart from MRA at 10:15am.

Please join me in commending Ed's soul to our Lord. May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. And may we never relent in our effort to carry on his legacy.

Yours Truly In Christ,

Derek Tremblay