Education For All Becoming a Real Possibility

Public education shouldn’t be the only type of education available for all. It has long been the position of Catholic schools that no child should be denied a truly fulfilling education. New Hampshire is leading the way in making the benefits of alternative education financially possible for every family, regardless of socioeconomic status.

There has never been a better time to consider transferring from public to private school. The progress of Education Savings Accounts and existing assistance from the Children's Scholarship Fund are giving parents more educational options by all but eliminating the biggest barrier to private school: cost.

It appears that SB 193 may become state law in the coming months and potentially afford parents approximately $3,500 in tuition assistance per child for families seeking to transfer from public to private schools. Public schools already receive this money, and it would simply be redirected into an ESA managed by parents. Additionally, the Children's Scholarship Fund provides need-based tuition assistance to income eligible families. For a family of 5, CSF typically awards 25% of tuition if family income does not exceed $86,340; 50% of tuition if income doesn’t exceed $57,560; and a whopping 75% of tuition if income does not exceed $28,780. There is a cap of $3,200, with the exception of children who have special learning needs.

These two sources combined can possibly provide families with 60 to 80% of the cost of tuition at MRA.  Families who receive assistance from CSF are still eligible for need-based financial aid from MRA. In short, families can now choose to enroll in MRA with no out of pocket money for tuition costs.

This is why Mount Royal Academy is offering a special opportunity for families looking to transfer right now. For a limited time, application and registration fees will be waived for families who transfer into Mount Royal Academy from public school this academic year. A special tuition rate will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and the administration will assist these families in obtaining tuition assistance from the Children's Scholarship Fund for 2018-2019, and subsequent school years. In addition, if SB193 is passed by the NH Senate and signed into law by Governor Sununu, transfer families will be further empowered to choose MRA for the education of their children.