The First Day

With the first day of school come and gone, students appeared noticeably happy and accepting of what the future holds. Mount Royal is in a transitional year, which presents its own series of challenges and difficulties. However, we are very fortunate to have some new faces, including two international students. Some familiar faces have returned, and we are likewise tremendously excited for the gifts they will undoubtedly contribute to our school.

Different than previous years, we have adapted our Upper School schedule to include block scheduling on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This permits courses that require extra class time for labs to not be cut short by the bell. Moreover, students are less likely to fall into the perils of monotony by repeating the same schedule for the next 179 days.

On the first day, the Upper School spent the morning in classes, and in the afternoon we were blessed with the opportunity to collectively reunite and welcome some of the newer students with a traditional ice-breaking activity. The room was certainly filled with laughter on many occasions, as we learned some of the quirkier mistakes made by the young men and women. Once finished, we divided the Junior High and High School in order to review their respective handbooks, covering sports policies, dress code, and other behavioral expectations.

Stay tuned for updates from the lower school later in the week....