Growing in Virtue Together

Dear Families,

As we find ourselves with little more than two weeks left in the first quarter, it is amazing to see how quickly time is passing. The gorgeous fall leaves that fall upon our school campus are a reminder of God’s creation: always changing, always growing, and filled with stunning beauty. Another wonderful area of growth we have seen this fall has been the formation of our Households. Introduced in August, the initiative has a twofold goal: to promote growth in virtue and provide opportunities for fellowship.

After having two official household activities so far, I can honestly say they have already exceeded our expectations. To see the older students reach out, innately and authentically, to the younger students, has been a joy. Whether it has been to comfort someone who felt their idea was not being “heard” by the large group, to share a snack during our communal lunch, laugh at a silly joke, or simply walk them back to their classroom; the bonds being forged are priceless.

I mentioned two weeks ago that after spending almost 20 years in public education, I have continually been amazed and impressed by our students’ ability to creatively play. One other aspect that has always made an equal impact upon me is the unique nature of the opportunities for growth and fellowship presented by our Pre K - 12 grade structure. Our older students are quick to reach out to help the younger students both on the playground and in the classroom. Now, in our Households, they have the opportunity to assist in more concrete, spiritual ways as well. Our classes are close to one another and know one another so well.

In these Households, sitting among new friends and neighbors of different ages, everyone has opportunities to be a leader, to be a model, to be their best selves.

These principles harken back to our roots, both as a nation (E pluribus unum) and as a Church. St. Augustine, in the early days of our Church, wrote often of the importance of community, friendship, and love of neighbor. “The friendship which draws human being together in a tender bond is sweet to us because out of many minds it forges a unity” (Confessions, II, 5,10). We are blessed to be able to build this unity in so many different ways here at Mount Royal.

Yours Truly in Christ,

Amy Sansone, Academic Dean