Headmaster's Easter Message

Dear Families,

Tis' the season of Easter. It is part of the culture of our school to align our academic calendar with the liturgical calendar. Hence, families savored the opportunity to participate in the Triduum, and then enjoyed a period of rest and refreshment to mark the beginning of the Easter season.

In our liturgical calendar, Easter is actually celebrated for 8 continuous days (the octave of Easter). The second Sunday of Easter marks the conclusion of Easter Sunday, and it is recognized as Divine Mercy Sunday. The Easter season continues onward for a total of 50 days, culminating with the feast of Pentecost.

One of the most intriguing characters of the Easter season is 'doubting' Thomas. Thomas needs physical proof in order to accept that Jesus has truly risen from the dead. This is the sentiment of the secular culture, which holds that no credible truths exist unless they can be verified by material evidence. In spite of Thomas' disposition, Jesus penetrates into the locked quarters where the apostles were hiding, and rather boldly states to Thomas, 'go ahead, have your proof.'

This image is so inspiring because of Jesus' relentless pursuit of the apostles faith. But before an act of faith is made, the apostles must be filled with peace.

This is similar to the ministry of educating youth. As parents and teachers, we constantly seek to show our children the truth so they can become virtuous and knowledgeable in the ways of goodness and righteousness. But before they can accept the gift of knowledge, they must first embrace the unconditional love that is offered. Once our children know they are loved, they will be able to see beyond mere material realities.

May we, like Jesus, be instruments of peace and love in the lives of our children.

Sincerely In Christ,

Derek Tremblay