Hope Crowns Monthly Virtues

Virtue formation remains a critical component of the mission of Mount Royal Academy. Powerful cultural forces run contrary to the Christian moral principles this school aims to uphold and teach. Children need a constant reminder that true happiness is acquired through the pursuit of virtue.

The school year begins with gratitude so that students can focus on the myriad blessings in life. Docility enables the receptivity so essential to learning. Each successive virtue adds another shade to the canvas, so that, a vibrant picture of the well-formed character emerges by the end of the year. As year builds upon year, the student may begin to see the bold vision laid out by our faith of what it means to be truly human.

Below is the monthly virtue schedule for 2016-2017.  The theological virtue of Hope is this year’s capstone virtue. It has been placed in the month of December to coincide with the greatest source of hope in human history: the birth of Jesus Christ.

September - Gratitude (justice)

October - Docility (prudence)

November - Patience (fortitude)

December - Hope (theological)

January - Self-Control (temperance)

February - Prayerfulness (justice)

March - Command- (prudence)

April - Perseverance (fortitude)

May - Humility (temperance)

The Education in Virtue website has excellent support info for each virtue, such as, scripture quotes and saints lives. Every teacher will have a copy of the educator’s guide. There are Advent and Lenten companions available to purchase as well. We want to continue our concerted effort in all grades this year with the virtue program. Each teacher will be expected to participate in the program. All members of the school will be expected to strive for the virtuous life.