Knights Are Having Fun!

A quick soccer update...

Our overall record is now 2-4-1. Our league record is currently 2-3.

In the past week we have matched up against two local private schools: Cardigan Mountain and Proctor. These are all male teams that usually provide the toughest challenges for us. Oddly enough, although we have been struggling to find solid footing against teams in the NHPSAL, we have been playing our best soccer in these two ultra-competitive games.

We lost to Cardigan by a score of 3-0, but the score rarely tells the whole story. Typically, we are outplayed and outmatched by Cardigan's 7th - 9th young men's team, but we hung in there the whole game. Our greatest downfall was that we failed to shoot as often as the opportunities presented themselves. We nevertheless played as hard as possible, as indicated by the noticeable absence of our goalie from our own net during the last 6 minutes of the game. The suspense certainly provided for a fun conclusion to a well-fought game.

Yesterday we played Proctor Academy. The game finished as a 0-0 tie! Why the point of exclamation? This was by far the best game we have played as a team all season. Our forwards posted their highest shot total all season; our midfielders demonstrated a keen positional awareness; and our defense, although shaky at times, put us in a position to win. Elijah finally got himself the shutout that he has worked so hard for. The opposing coach mentioned his exceptional ability, but also the soccer sense that Eli demonstrated are numerous occasions during the game. Moving forward, it appears as if some defensive tweaks, and hopefully some well-earned lucky bounces, could really launch us into the second half of the season.

Yesterday, October 7th, was also the feast day of one of the soccer team's patron saints. Although we honor Our Lady of the Rosary today, the origin of the feast rests in a decisive battle against the encroaching Ottoman Turks during the 16th century, in which Pope Pius V asked all the faithful of Rome to pray the rosary for the outnumbered forces striving to defend the European mainland. Known as the Battle of Leopanto, the Pope was unafraid to attribute the success of the troops to the intercession of Our Lady of Victory.

We too can sense her powerful intercession as the soccer season progresses. Although we were saddened and upset by some early season defeats, we are really coming together as a team and playing as hard as we can. We ask for your prayers, and specifically for the intercession of Our Lady of Victory, so that the remainder of our soccer season may be blessed with joy and success, according to the will of the Almighty Father.

On tap for next week: 2 league matches. We travel to Jesse Remington, a familiar foe, on Tuesday, and host Parker on Thursday at 3:30pm. Thanks for following the Knights!