Knights Dominate at Home

The MRA soccer team is finding a rhythm! After a near-crushing defeat to Parker on Tuesday - by a score of 2-1 - the Knights bounced back with a lively victory against Tri City Academy. Tri City previously defeated the Knights by a score of 7-0 when we traveled to Somersworth 2 week ago. The final score at home was 3-0, but the score doesn't capture the determination and story of Knights nearly enough.

Throughout the season any spectator could sense a conditioning and skill superiority in the Knights over their opponents. In nearly every game, the Knights have won the battle of possession, but failed to win in the goal column. Most games have been lost because of a few momentous bounces that have not gone our way, or a timely defensive lapse that led to a goal. The knights were having none of that this game. It was a total, team effort. You could see the resolve in their eyes prior to the game, that they had suffered too much, and weren't going to let another one slip through their hands. They simply had to learn how to enjoy the game, and a spirit of joy was certainly detectable throughout and following the game yesterday.

Our forwards are really meshing in terms of developing that second sense that helps their passing thrive. The amount of shots increased, and the hussle for the ball in the attacking zone certainly improved. Mr. Dominic Stout scored 2 goals, while Mr. Pablo Marquez scored on yet another PK.

The mid-fielders supported the forwards well, assisting in keeping the pressure on. Mr. Andrew Thibault has really improved his skills and intensity this year, and we relied of Ms. Miriam Nelson once again to lock onto their strongest and most skilled player. When Ms. Nelson was catching a breather, Mr. Stephen Donohue marked their best player with a level of effort that is truly commendable.

The defense continues to grow, and certainly improved its play as a unit. They were just as much a factor in the shutout as was our goalie. Aggressiveness and staying in attacking play helped keep the ball away from our penalty area, and numerous defenders stepped up to make timely kicks. Mr. Matthew Begin once again provided a last line that proved very important at times, and continues to develop as a leader for the defense.

Our goalie - Mr. Eli Nelson - played his best game of the season thus far. We are so privileged to have such a reliable and athletic goalie, and he knows that we rely upon him more than other teams might rely on their goalie. He has gained our trust, and continues to put his body on the line for the sake of the team.

Next week we travel to New England Classical Academy for an exhibition match, and then host RSEC Academy on Thursday. We invite all members of our greater community to come and support our soccer team. We also welcome the spiritual support of prayer, for God has given us this gift of soccer so that we might learn how to better serve him by giving of ourselves.