Knights Tuning For Playoffs

With only 3 games overall left in the schedule - 1 exhibition and 2 league matches - the Knights are nearing the postseason. We posted a 1-1 record during the last week, thus settling us at 4-5-1 overall and 4-4 in league play. We will most likely finish in either 3rd or 4th place, which we give us the privilege of hosting a 1st round playoff match against a lower seed.

On Monday we competed against RSEC Academy, and finished with a 2-1 victory in what became a very hard fought battle. We were without some key forwards, thereby hindering our offensive explosiveness. However, Jason Fraioli and Jonathan Bellino played admirably with their extra minutes, and the defense stood strong on the shoulder of our senior-stop-and-sweep-tandem. Ashna Lal and Alex Mihaly contributed by allowing the seniors to rest, using their minds and their boots to keep the ball away from our penalty area.

Friday's match against Proctor was upset by an old unwanted visitor: lady winter made an unexpected arrival for the weekend. Temperatures dipped into the low 30's by game time, and with the sun setting and the wind howling, it was a struggle to keep our bodies warm. That being said, one could make the argument that we lost by an inch - twice. We nearly scored 2 goals, but the opposing goaltender managed to save the shot at the absolute last second both times. This was an experimental game for us, as Matthew Bocko started and finished in goal for his first every Mount Royal soccer game. By doing so, we Elijah Nelson injected instant energy into our team. We certainly outplayed Proctor, but simply failed to capitalize on our scoring opportunities.

Thanks for following the Knights!