Latin Launch Engages Elementary Students

There were plenty of smiles today when students welcomed Mr. John Riley to help launch the new Latin program. Students in grades K-6 will participate in the Latin and Greek Roots Challenge, a program pioneered by Maureen Riley. Mrs. Riley comments on the life-long impact of learning Latin at an age-appropriate level:

We hope that you, too, will discover the benefits of teaching Latin and Greek etymology to your students or children or, perhaps, you will be intrigued enough to learn it yourself.  We hope that our program, The Latin and Greek Roots Challenge, is your program of choice. However, if not, we believe strongly that all students should study Latin and Greek roots, no matter what program you choose.  We can all make a difference.  By teaching our children Latin and Greek roots, we are giving them tools that will last them a lifetime!

Adopting the program seemed but a natural extension of our classically inspired mission. We are very thankful for Mr. Riley's kind disposition and interactive presentation. We are off on the right foot!

For more information, please consider watching the video or checking out the Rooted Mind website.