Let the children come to me

This week I have been blessed to spend time in our kindergarten. I have been moved and stunned by the simple and unbridled joy with which they view--- everything! It is a joy borne of God, that revels in His creation. Whether it is grace before meals, or prayers of thanksgiving at the end of the day; their petitions are heartfelt and sincere. The world is viewed with wonder and awe. They are quite simply, an inspiration of pure faith.

Each day they write warm and complimentary notes to one another, which are delivered during mail time at the close of day.  The original drawings and honest greetings that cover these “letters” are always greeted with surprise and appreciation by the recipient. It was lovely to see the children pen letters to old friends (classmates), as well as new (our teaching interns from Northeast Catholic College); their easy and innate thoughtfulness shining through each one.

Another opportunity to see the beauty and diversity of God’s creation comes in their work. When coloring a drawing of the Virgin Mary, to be hung around the classroom in honor of the month of May, each child manages to add unique and precious details.  One draws a sun above her head; another a lush field of grass at her feet; while another paints her dress in vibrant and varied colors. When hung, they are more beautiful than an exhibit at the most posh museum, rendered with true joy and verve.

And then there’s just plain silliness. They delight in word play. Eye rolls. Giggles and squeals. They tell outlandish stories with no link to reality-- with straight faces, in solemn tones and a winking smile. Everytime they speak, they put their full force and attention into the tale. Nothing is taken for granted. Everything is important. And when they hug---- it’s full force. They do nothing halfway and take no action in vain.

I have learned so much from our kindergarteners. Each child reflects God’s love and shares it in ways unique. It is evidenced in their greetings, their stories, their drawings, their laughter, and simply their being. I am blessed to be able to share in these moments and thank God for the joy of His love. I pray I can reflect that joy and share it with the world as they do, each and every day.

- Dr. Amy Sansone, Academic Dean