Message from the Headmaster: Mary and the Missionary Role of MRA

Dear Families,

Next week marks the completion of our year-long 20th anniversary celebration. As is customary, our school will honor the Blessed Virgin Mary with a May Crowning. This year, we are blessed to welcome Bishop Peter Libasci to campus. He will preside over the Mass, join us as we process with Mary, and then each student will offer a flower to Mary. The entire school will say a prayer of consecration to Our Lady, and then we will conclude the ceremony by recognizing the generosity of the school's greatest benefactors.

The school has grown substantially in 20 years, and all of its successes can be attributed to the intercession of the Queen of Heaven. Her intercession opens the hearts of benefactors, teachers, parents, and students, prompting us to carry out the will of Her Son through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

There is a charism to our school community that transcends individuals and unites us as a community of persons. I firmly believe that the success of our mission depends on our ability to become missionaries. The bonds that unite our school community are nothing but the grace of Jesus. And even though we all struggle with the negative influences of an ever growing secular culture, we can turn back the tide.

Education is the most powerful solution to the secularization of the culture. It is also the greatest gift we can give to our children.

All parents are invited to attend the May Crowning. The Mass is at 9:00am, and the entire program will last until approximately 10:30am.

Yours Truly In Christ,

Derek Tremblay