Milestones and Memories Highlight Commencement Ceremony

The largest graduating class in Mount Royal Academy’s history enjoyed a memorable commencement ceremony last Saturday. The Saint Joseph’s Center was at full capacity as twenty-one eighth grade students joined ten seniors as they processed into the gym. There were several notable moments throughout the ceremony.

Andrew Mihaly, the junior high and high school history teacher, delivered the commencement address. As a former student turned teacher, Mr. Mihaly offered unique insights for the graduates. After recounting some candid and amusing moments during his own years as a student, he concluded with three pieces of advice: “I must confess to the audience that I am a mere 24 years old; I have a great deal yet to experience and learn. But bear with me as I share 3 practical thoughts that have become pillars for me. Seek the truth at all costs… approach your life as much as possible through the eyes of gratitude… [and] be prepared for [long term plans] to change.”

Another milestone was noted this year. Two members of the class of 2016 began their academic careers as pre-k students and progressed through each grade together. Madeline Rublee and Oliver Wallace shared their own thoughts about growing up within the MRA community. While expressing thanks to their parents, teachers and coaches, they shared valuable lessons they have learned over the years. “Standing here now with all these years behind me and this scary, but exciting, future ahead, I want to ask myself a question. What had my freshman self, four years ago, not known and what now have I learned?” said Ms. Rublee. “Number 1: Do not procrastinate. Number 2: Challenge yourself. And number 3: Accept yourself.”

A new tradition was begun this year as well. Brock Coleman, a former Marine and member of the class of 2004, returned to present the “Called to Duty” award. This award recognizes those students who have committed to serve the armed forces. Oliver Wallace was this year’s recipient. He will be serving three years of active duty in the National Guard followed by 5 years of reserve duty.

The closing remarks of Headmaster Derek Tremblay captured the essence of the day, “The human condition is inherently paradoxical. We are here, but we are meant for somewhere else. This blatant paradox should never be confused as a contradiction. Nor should we simply bemoan the complexity and tragedy that seem to overwhelm our everyday existence. I think the simple life is marked by three irrefutable dynamics: restlessness, relentlessness, and resiliency. Taken together, these three simple ingredients can lead to a life that not only tastes better, but is best shared with others.”

Mount Royal Academy is maintaining its surging enrollment with almost 200 students currently enrolled for the upcoming academic year of 2016-2017. The school is in its 21st year of operation.

The class of 2016 graduates are: Benjamin Balch, Cheyenne Bentley, Miriam Caveney, Matthew Caveney, Anna Dahlberg, Adrianna Kenyon, Andre Malool-Juneau, Adam Normandin, Madeline Rublee, Oliver Wallace

The 8th grade graduates are: Evalyse Acevedo, Amy Alterisio, Brett Barrell, Morgan Blackinton, Luke Bocko, Blaise Edwards, Madison Hemingway, Kateri Kalpakgian, Nicholas Kleinschmidt, John Klucinec, Mary Grace Klucinec, Anthony Mihaly, Gavyn Magistro, Aidan Moorehouse, Andrew Normandin, Curtis North, Tristan Ouellette, Nicole Petrescu-Boboc, Marissa Pickman, Michelle Rublee, Antigoni Souliotis