A Mission Set Apart

2024 marks the thirtieth year of our school’s existence. 

Each day I am reminded of the need and impact of our mission. It comes in ways both surprising and unsurprising.

Below you will find our mission statement: it is worth reading and reflecting upon at the start of this school year. It is a sacred mission. 

What does it mean to be sacred? It is consecrated for a divine purpose, set apart for God. A sanctification into the divine life. 

In a world where God is rejected, we accept Him. We love Him because He loved us first. 

In a world where religion and communal life are shunned, we embrace communal worship. 

In a world where the body-soul union is severed, we see its union as essential to our fulfillment. 

In a world where children are treated as objects that obstruct self-gratification, we see them as gifts from God for His glory and our sanctification. 

In a world where education is only understood for its pragmatic purposes, we understand education to be primarily about human formation ordered for an eternal purpose. 

There are implications to these distinctions. 

The most decisive implication is that we model the way of holiness for God’s children, and that is done by fostering educative presence. What is educative presence? It is the way of reason, religion, and loving kindness. 

Practically speaking, some thoughts are better unsaid or even unthought. Nothing speaks as bright as a loving smile to a small soul seeking God! This is the simplicity of our mission, and I hope you all feel the love of Christ in the smile of your family, our school family, and whoever needs a family! 

Thank you for the opportunity to love and serve your family! 

- Derek Tremblay, Headmaster

Mount Royal Academy’s mission is to educate the whole person through the spiritual, academic, and human formation of each student.

We aim to develop holy, responsible, and qualified men and women for all vocations within the Church, their families, and in their communities. Our aspirations direct all temporal efforts toward building Catholic culture and our Father’s eternal kingdom.

Our mission is brought to fruition through:

  • Leading our students to grow in knowledge of and love for God, which will enable them to love and serve those around them.

  • Implementing a rigorous classical curriculum that teaches the truth, which is the foundation of all knowledge, and inspiring students with “a supernatural vision, founded on Christian anthropology, animated by communion and community, imbued with a Catholic worldview throughout the curriculum, and sustained by gospel witness."*

  • Fostering the social, moral, and physical development of each student through co-curricular activities. 

* Archbishop J. Michael Miller, The Holy See's Teaching on Catholic Schools