Modeling Growth and Innovation

Dear Families,

As you know, all faculty will head to Concord this Friday for the annual diocesan teacher formation day.  It is an occasion for all teachers and administrators working in Catholic schools throughout the state to come together and be reminded of our mission as Catholic educators.  The day kicks off with Mass, presided over by Bishop Libasci, and continues with various speakers addressing our role in Catholic education.  The day is part professional development and part retreat, and we all come away with batteries recharged.

Two other professional development days are planned this year: October 27 and April 20.  In October, a seminar will take place presented by Cana Academy,headquartered in Virginia, which specializes in the renewal of classical education.  As we continue to work toward providing our students with an authentically classical education, teachers are fine tuning not only curriculum but methodology.  April brings the opportunity for faculty to spend a day at Dismas Home in Manchester, an offshoot of Catholic Charities which offers transitional housing to formerly incarcerated women.  As I was reminded this week in the Catechesis III class, mission work is an integral part of living our faith.  Reaching out to help others is vital to who we are as Christians.  We are grateful for the chance to participate in the important work of Dismas Home.

Professional development days are sometimes regarded as a day off for teachers.  In fact, these are important opportunities for us as a faculty to reflect upon what we are doing and work to improve.  Teaching is an ever-evolving craft, one in which we must self-evaluate and innovate. Catholic education, in particular, calls for constant reflection and interior growth.  Thank you for supporting us as we work to become the best versions of ourselves.


Katie Richardson

Vice Principal