Mount Royal Academy Announces 4th Quarter Academic Honors

Mount Royal Academy has announced Academic Awards for the 4th Quarter of the 2014-2015 school year. Thirty-Seven students earned a position on the Headmaster’s List with a 4.0 average for the 4th quarter.

More than half of the student body attained Honor Roll recognition; placing on the Headmaster’s List, the High Honors List (no more than one B), or the Honors List (no more than one C). In total, 115 students received Academic Honors.

Grade 1

Headmaster’s List: Francis Fryckoski, Taylor Goodspeed, Caitlin Richardson, Grace Thibault, Bella Wallace

High Honors: Audrey Wenger

Honors: Clare Castor, Clayton Griffin, Blaise McMenaman

Grade 2

Headmaster’s List: Evan Barns, Amelia Caravan, Kaitlyn Costello, Luke Moorehouse, Nora Walsh

Honors: Adalynn Beturne, Peyton Blackington, Marianne Dowsett, Claire Jackson, Hannah Martin, William Spanos, Liam Treece

Grade 3

Headmaster’s List: Catherine Bellino, Isabelle Correa, Lauren Dustin, Gabrielle Simione, Brennan Walsh

High Honors: Abigail Sweet, Paul Thibault

Honors: Kyleigh Baker, Sean Beturne, Sarah Cunningham, Spencer Cunningham, Katherine McMenaman, Felix Prieto, Ellery Wheeler

Grade 4

Headmaster’s List: Nonah Dowsett, Victoria Kenyon, Maryrose McLaughlin, Anya Moorehouse, Lyndsey Patten, Gabriella Stocker, Julia Stout

Honors: Calla Baker, Susan Kanu, John-Paul Martin, John Paul Treece

Grade 5

Headmaster’s List: Caleb North, Olivia Simione

High Honors: James Thibault

Honors: Benjamin Bellino, Anne Klucinec, Liam Ouellette

Grade 6

Headmaster’s List: Brendan Moorehouse, Emma Treece

High Honors: Marius Edwards, Nicholas Hogan

Honors:  Louis Larosiliere, Grace McMenaman, Luke Richardson, Bridget Wallace

Grade 7

Headmaster’s List: Kateri Kalpakgian, Andrew Normandin, Tristan Ouellette, John Thibault

High Honors: Mary Grace Klucinec, Gavyn Magistro, Aidan Moorehouse

Honors: Amy Alterisio, Luke Bocko, Josephine Brigham, Madison Hemingway, John Klucinec, Curtis North, Nicole Petrescu-Boboc, Claudia Simione, Antigoni Souliotis

Grade 8

Headmaster’s List:  Erin Diebold

High Honors:  Jacinta Hogan, Rette Solomon

Honors: Teresa Bellino, Hannah Fraioli, Alexis Matte, Alicja Nadolecka, Alexis Richards, Maria Wallace

Grade 9

Headmaster’s List:  Alexander Kalpakgian

Honors: Kolbe Bocko, Isabella Kenyon, Alex Normandin, Peter Thibault, Aila Wenger

Grade 10

Headmaster’s List: Cooper McCrillis, Naomi Nelson

High Honors: Johanna Fitzgibbons

Honors: Hannah Everitt, Wilson He, John Hogan, Therese Josephs, Bernadette Klucinec, Faith Lamontagne, Mathew Larosiliere, Callan Rees

Grade 11

Headmaster’s List: Rebekah Thibault

High Honors: Adrianna Kenyon

Honors: Matthew Caveny, Miriam Caveney, Anna Dahlberg, Maria Klucinec

Grade 12

Headmaster’s List: Malachi Nelson, Andrew Thibault

High Honors: Daniel Fitzgibbons

Honors: Marcus Josephs, Abigail McMenaman, Vivian Mok, Malachi Swenson


Mount Royal Academy is maintaining its largest enrollment to date, with over 200 students currently enrolled for the coming academic year of 2015-2016. The school, which celebrated its 20th Anniversary this past year, also received accreditation this past May from NAPCIS (The National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools). The accreditation process culminated in a site visit on May 26th, in which the accreditation team interviewed stakeholders, reviewed the self-study and supporting documentation, and made a final recommendation. Their recommendation was approved by NAPCIS, and MRA received a full term (6 years) of accreditation.


Mount Royal Academy is a private Catholic school nestled in the hills of New Hampshire’s Dartmouth - Lake Sunapee Region. Since 1994 the faculty, families and friends of Mount Royal have strived to provide not only a quality education to the children of our community, but most importantly a formation in Christian faith and morals.  What began as an elementary school, grades Kindergarten through eight, has grown to include a preschool with three-and-four-year-old programs and a liberal arts college preparatory High School.