Mount Royal Academy Announces Catholic Schools' Week Awards

Mount Royal Academy is pleased to announce the winners of its Catholic Schools’ Week mission competitions. During the week of February 1-5, students participated in academic and collaborative activities focused on the Jubilee Year of Mercy, instituted by Pope Francis.

Students from every grade (K-12th) participated in a door decorating contest, just as Pope Francis inaugurated the Year of Mercy by entering through the Holy Door. Each class creatively expressed their understanding of God’s mercy on their classroom doors. Headmaster Derek Tremblay judged each door and announced winners for each Elementary, Junior High, and High School. The senior class took 1st place in the high school, with 11th and 9th grade taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The 6th Grade placed 1st in junior high, followed by 8th and 7th respectively. In the elementary school it was the 4th Grade that placed 1st, with 3rd and Kindergarten finishing 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Dr. Kalpakgian was the honorary judge in the essay competition. Again, the essays focused on the inexhaustible mercy of God. While administering the awards, Dr. Kalpakgian noted the refreshing clarity and lucidity of the youngest contestants. The results are as follows:

1st grade:        Emily Beturne, Lucja Frykowska

2nd grade:      Clare Castor, Walter Antal

3rd grade:      Luke Moorehouse

4th grade:      Catherine Bellino, Emily Richardson

5th grade:       Victoria Kenyon, Anya Moorehouse

6th grade:      Joseph Orlowski, Annie Klucinec

7th grade:       Emma Treece, Brenden Moorehouse

8th grade:      Aidan Moorehouse

Mount Royal Academy’s mission is centered on its Catholic identity. Catholic Schools’ Week is an important moment during the school year to celebrate this identity. Headmaster Tremblay noted, “An authentic and dynamic Catholic education instructs and forms children to know the truth, and subsequently practice mercy. But we cannot practice mercy unless we are willing to allow ourselves to be transformed by the saving grace of Christ.”

Mount Royal Academy is maintaining its surging enrollment with 208 students currently enrolled for the academic year of 2015-2016. The school is in its 21st year of operation.