Mount Royal Academy Receives Accreditation from NAPCIS

The National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS)

Mount Royal Academy is pleased to announce that in June 2015, the school received accreditation from the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS). NAPCIS applies rigorous standards of excellence in academics and Catholic identity to accredit private catholic schools across the country.

Headmaster Derek Tremblay stated, “I am so thankful for all of the faculty and parents who contributed to the process. This was a truly reflective exercise in which we were able to look backward, but most importantly forward, in our continued pursuit of excellence in all disciplines. We have identified a path forward that is steeped in the mission and the charism of the school which will enable us to cross the next threshold. Please join me in prayers of thanksgiving to God for our benefactors, esteemed faculty, committed parents, beautiful children and blossoming school.”

Already a long standing member of NAPCIS, Mount Royal Academy applied for accreditation in June 2013, marking the first attempt to do so since the school’s inception. The school’s leadership wisely recognized the necessity of completing this important process. As summarized on the NAPCIS website:

A commitment to academic excellence demands that a school apply standards that support and ensure a quality of program that is uncompromising in its integrity and its performance related to a student’s learning and formation.

Catholic education espouses academic excellence in the secular pursuit of excellence for its own sake, and to affect the temporal activities and ambitions of the student. But Catholic education confirms its identity and fulfills its mission in the supernatural context of its pursuit of excellence, that is, in giving honor and glory to God. Salvation of souls and academic excellence direct all actions in Catholic education.

Mount Royal Academy received a full term (6 years) of accreditation. The visiting team report, as well as the self-study are available online for your review.

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