Mount Royal Academy’s Annual Spelling Bee

Mount Royal's annual elementary school spelling bee was held this past Thursday in the St. Joseph Center. Students from grades one through six advanced from their class spelling bee to participate in the school bee, moderated by Mrs. Robin Moorehouse.  Participants were Finn McColgan (Gr. 1), Caitlin Richardson (Gr. 2), Luke Moorehouse (Gr. 3), Cathy Bellino (Gr. 4), Lauren Dustin (Gr. 4 - Mrs. Diebold), Anya Moorehouse (Gr. 5) and Tino Prieto (Gr. 6).

The competition lasted 1-1/2 hours as students fielded words delivered from the Scripps National Spelling Bee list at and above grade level. Lauren Dustin emerged as the school winner, with Anya Moorehouse coming in second place and her brother, Luke Moorehouse in third. This event was part of Mount Royal Academy’s celebration of Catholic Schools Week.