MRA: Affordable and Expanding

I don’t know how many times parents have told me they could not even consider sending their children to Mount Royal because they can’t afford the tuition.  Mount Royal’s mission is to teach the whole person bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to as many children as possible.  We cannot do this if our tuition is not financially attainable for families.  Therefore, we work hard to make sure money is not a barrier preventing your children from attending our beautiful school.

This past year our need-based financial aid program awarded over $200,000 to families in need helping to make Mount Royal Academy a reality for their children.  Yet, after hearing about this program, many parents still hesitate to apply, thinking they will not be awarded enough aid if any at all.  Please know that if the financial aid awarded is truly not enough we will work with you to come up with ways to offset the cost of the remaining balance.  For example, parents give time to the school as teachers’ aides, cleaning, or helping with heavier maintenance projects; families host international students; high school students are given work study opportunities; and sometimes families find benefactors to give to the school.

I understand that even just considering the sacrifice necessary to send your children to a private school is a leap of faith.   But then again even our school’s existence is a daily reminder that all things are possible with God.  Our school from the very beginning has been a giant leap of faith and an example of trusting in God’s Divine Providence.  I am humbly asking you to take that leap of faith, to be inspired with the confidence that God will provide, and consider Mount Royal as an option for your children.

I’m sure part of your consideration would include learning more about your school in order to make a more informed decision.  Some interesting facts you may or may not know about Mount Royal include:

This coming September will mark the beginning of the 18th school year at Mount Royal

  • We are the first lay-founded Catholic elementary and high school in our diocese, recognized by the Bishop in 2004
  • 40%  of our students are not Catholic
  • All of our college bound seniors were accepted to their first college choice this year
  • Our  second new building including a gym, science lab, computer lab, kitchen and lunchroom will be ready this August
  • Our third new academic building will be completed by August 2012
  • Our enrollment has more than doubled since 2009
  • We have an international student program with eight high school students from around the world
  • Students from other states stay with host families so they can attend Mount Royal
  • We have the most affordable 3 and 4 year old academic based pre-school program in the Upper Valley.

Please call or email me anytime to set up an appointment or to ask any questions you may have regarding Mount Royal.  We will be having an Open House on July 9th during the hours of St. Patrick/St. Joachim’s annual bazaar so please feel free to stop in and take a tour of the new facility.  God Bless you and your families.

David A. Thibault