New Club Sports Announced

The spring season of 2017 will feature two new sports for junior high and high school aged students at Mount Royal Academy: girls softball and club rugby. 

Girls softball came into existence thanks in large part to the advocacy efforts of interested student-athletes. The girls are already working on throwing and fielding drill in the St. Joseph gymnasium. The goal is to practice and then compete against local junior varsity softball teams in the Upper Valley. 

The club rugby team is actually a cooperative between Proctor Academy, Kearsarge Regional High School, and Mount Royal Academy. The idea is to starting playing touch rugby (like tag football) and slowly introduce the students to rugby 7's. The game is played at a rapid pace. Student-athletes are training at the Proctor facilities. 

We should also mention that in the boys baseball program continues to develop, as the boys participate in majors baseball. Participation in track and field is very high once again, as we welcome accomplished athlete Dr. Ridgway to the coaching staff. 

Go Knights!