Online Safety Seminar for Parents

Within the last couple decades a new continent has been discovered: the digital continent. The world of social and online media is growing rapidly. New mediums of communication are introduced so quickly that the average user can find it difficult to track the developing forms of online social connection.

Adolescents are NOT average users. They are extreme users of social media. As adults who care about the eternal, spiritual, and moral well-being of all children, we think that is it very important for parents to know the dangers of the digital continent. The world of digital media and social networking is not bad in itself, but if youth are not properly formed in how, when, and why to use such tools, then their lives may be in danger for a variety of reasons. Potential employers customarily conduct a simple Google search of an applicant’s name before considering to interview or hire. What if damaging content is out there? Cyber bullying is a reality. What if children think that those harsh words or inappropriate comments simply disappear? Even adults find it hard to disengage from technology. What if we - adults and youth - become technology addicts?

A key component of our mission is to support parents as primary educators. Therefore, we intend to provide ongoing information and education opportunities for parents, as they strive to form their children.

On November 5th we are hosting a presentation entitled Safety on the Information Highway for You and Your family, from 6:30 – 8:00pm. Below is a biography of the presenter, Christopher Currier, a Mount Royal parent. We strongly encourage at least one parent from every household to attend this seminar. This event is open to the public.

Detective Christopher Currier (Retired), MFS, has been involved with investigating computer crime since 1998 with the New London Police Department.  Detective Currier worked with the New Hampshire Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force as an investigator and forensic examiner.   Detective Currier worked on the New Hampshire Attorney General's Cyber Crime Initiative.  Detective Currier is an adjunct instructor at the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council where he taught Responding to Computer Crime, Fraud, Identity Theft, and other courses.  Detective Currier continues today as a contractor developing courses and teaching Computer Security, Computer Forensics, and Mobile Device Forensics.   Detective Currier continues to serve as a part time police officer and assisting the NH ICAC Task Force with cases.

We look forward to seeing you at the presentation. There will be a question and answer session to follow.