Prayers Needed

We are making a rather hasty request for some special prayers to be recited this morning while our Upper School students participate in the first annual end of the year retreat. We intend to organize and implement yearly retreat services as a component of our student-led Campus Ministry.

Retreats can lead to powerfully real encounters with our Lord Jesus Christ. However, they are also very challenging for some youth, who struggle to open up and allow the presence of Jesus to invade the depths of their hearts. Our Father respects our freedom, and he will never give us the privilege to truly feel his presence unless we freely give him unrestricted access to our total selves.

We pray that our students will capitalize on the amazing generosity of God's love, using this day to reflect on where they have come from, who they are, and where they are going. We ask the Lord to pour forth His very spirit into the souls of our students, so they may realize the liberating, purifying, and eternally satisfying power of His presence. Insofar as they are unified to the Lord, may they experience a renewed solidarity with one another, so that collectively, we may carry the light of Christ to our families, our communities, and the world. We are the Body of Christ! Let us take direction from our divine Head, and live out the vocation to holiness, so as to channel and demonstrate the attractiveness of virtue, sacrifice, and selfless love.