President of Cardinal Newman Society Coming to MRA!

Mount Royal Academy is thankful and very excited to announce that Mr. Patrick Reilly, president of the nationally acclaimed Catholic apostolate The Cardinal Newman Society, will be visiting the MRA campus on September 4th, the first day of school!

Mr. Reilly will give a keynote statement that is open to the public, addressing the current state of Catholic higher education in America. The address will begin at 7:00pm. Parents of all age levels are strongly encouraged to attend.

The Catholic Newman Society provides an invaluable service to the faithful Catholics by closely monitoring the extent to which Catholic universities authentically live out their Catholic identity in critical aspects of the educational institution: curriculum, culture, and campus ministry.

The mission of the society is inspire the renewal of Catholic higher education

Founded in 1993, the mission of The Cardinal Newman Society is to help renew and strengthen Catholic identity in Catholic higher education.

The Society seeks to fulfill its mission by assisting and supporting education that is faithful to the teaching and tradition of the Catholic Church; producing and disseminating research and publications on developments and best practices in Catholic higher education; advising students, alumni, trustees, campus officials, faculty and others engaged in renewing and strengthening the Catholic identity of Catholic colleges and universities and Church-affiliated ministries at non-Catholic colleges and universities; and studying and promoting the work of our patron, John Henry Cardinal Newman, especially as it relates to Catholic higher education and the unity of faith and reason.

The Society is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization supported by more than 20,000 individuals, businesses and foundations.

Today's Catholic university or college certainly can be authentically Catholic. However, the Catholic identity of many Catholic institutions of higher education in the United States has become increasingly clouded and the essential elements of Catholic education have been discarded for the sake of a mistaken notion of academic freedom. Many Catholic colleges and universities have pursued a secular model as the university ideal to a point where their own Catholic identity and mission within the Church is no longer clear.

Our patron, John Henry Cardinal Newman, was a great defender of the principle that the academic nature of a university is strengthened by a strong Catholic foundation and adherence to the teachings of the Church. His Holiness Pope John Paul II further developed this message in 1990 in his Apostolic Constitution on Catholic higher education, Ex corde Ecclesiae (From the Heart of the Church).

The fundamental purpose of a university education is to seek and discover truth. Through this discovery, man comes to an understanding of God, himself, and the created order. Catholic higher education provides students with the unique opportunity to seek understanding through Faith and Reason, made complete by a free obedience to the Eternal Law. Gaudium de veritate, the joy of truth's discovery, is the treasure entrusted to the Catholic university.

It is with this conviction that The Cardinal Newman Society was established in 1993 to promote awareness within the Catholic academic community of the nature and value of a truly Catholic university education and to seek the faithful implementation of Ex corde Ecclesiae.

We invite you to come and witness what will certainly be a powerful presentation on the meaning and purpose of Catholic education!

Please contact Derek Tremblay at dtremblay@mountroyalacademy for more information. We look forward to sharing this wonderful opportunity with you!