Rare, Intimate Musical Concerts at MRA

There is a well-kept secret hiding in Sunapee NH. Only a privileged few are aware that Mount Royal Academy has hosted five high caliber musical concerts over the past six months. The series has been dubbed the Concert Spirituel. The title pays homage to the tradition that began in late 18th century France. At that time, musical performances were heard by the privileged few in the homes of society’s elite. The Concert Spirituel was proffered to the public at large through the purchase of a ticket - a truly novel idea at the time. The series underway at Mount Royal Academy has revived the concept while making a minor adjustment - these concerts are open to the public and totally free of charge.

The unassuming atmosphere of the St. Joseph Center belies the virtuosic musicianship that awaits the fortunate attendee. Seating is arranged in a small semi-circle around the Yamaha Grand Piano. Not only can one hear flawless performances of the great classical composers but fascinating and informative introductions to the pieces by the artist’s themselves.

So clear your calendar for Friday, April 29th because at 7:30pm Moscow pianist Ilya Vanichkin triumphantly returns to Sunapee for a second recital on Mount Royal Academy's new grand piano.  His program will focus on two well-known works by Mozart's mentor, Classical composer Franz Joseph Haydn and the futuristic Romantic composer Franz Lizst.

Although both composers have ties to an imperial countryside estate near Vienna known as Esterháza, on the surface, Franz Joseph Haydn (18th century) and Franz Liszt(19th century) could not be any further apart aesthetically. However, Vanichkin, the internationally acclaimed piano giant, will reveal to the audience that Haydn and Lizst were both in essence mystically-minded composers of concert music. Those who attend will not be disappointed.

A dessert reception will be provided at intermission.  Sunapee's Friends of Classical Music have prepaid for the concert's expenses so that admission is free to the general public. No tickets are required for the concert and dessert reception.