A Renewal in Mission

“Do to no one what you yourself dislike.
Give to the hungry some of your bread, and to the naked some of your clothing.
Seek counsel from every wise man." - Tobit 4:15-17

Life requires remembering. As I get older, I have come to realize God gives us grace in the sacrament of confession which clouds our recollection of mistakes but clarifies our remembrance of the good. Of late, I find myself thinking of the two best decisions I ever made in my life: to marry my wife and to join this community. 

I am so grateful for how this community is forming me and my family. These sentiments were quite strong on Saturday night as I attended our annual Christmas dance, sponsored and coordinated by the National Honor Society. I may have disclosed more than was necessary to some of the other chaperones regarding my own high school experience that evening, because I did not have what these young men and women have: real communion. I was remembering the social life from my high school, and I could only arrive at gratitude for what was in front of me. 

This was evident in the over 90 attendees: family, friends, former students of MRA, and alumni too! I wish every parent could observe what was observed that evening: wholesome and humanizing fun! The cultural pressures that come with secularized high school experiences were absent, and unless I am madly mistaken, the disposition of each attendee was remarkably joyful and positive. 

I just want to publicly thank our student leaders for embracing our mission. And again, so long as I am remembering clearly, I am so honored that the alumni thought it worth returning to their alma mater during their Christmas break. Without naming names, I hope you all know how much it means to have you around! 

Now, we do have another cause for celebration! We are delighted to announce that the Board of Directors is close to finalizing the strategic plan. I have seen the draft and I can only muster my sincere appreciation for the efforts of all of you who make this school community such a special place. We invited someone who didn’t know us to bring a fresh perspective, and to see how clearly the mission is lived by a person unfamiliar with our school community is a testament to all of you. 

We will be announcing an event for parents to join in fellowship and celebrate our new charter for the future in the coming weeks. At that time, the plan will be released to those in attendance. 

Before we began this process, our Board of Directors reviewed what matters most about our school: the mission statement. I am excited to share our revised mission statement for the first time! I can assure you that there were no wholesale changes, rather a refining of language that gives light and direction to every decision we make as we educate the whole student, one person at a time. 

I strongly encourage all parents to read the mission statement and I invite you to join in my joy for this school community; it is truly a counter-cultural and transformative experience. This is because it includes all that God gave to bring out the best in who we are, but in times such as these, it may be the only mission that fully understands human nature and the virtues needed for a flourishing and fulfilling life, both now and for all eternity!

- Derek Tremblay, Headmaster 

Mission Statement

Mount Royal Academy’s mission is to educate the whole person through the spiritual, academic, and human formation of each student.

We aim to develop holy, responsible, and qualified men and women for all vocations within the Church, their families, and in their communities. Our aspirations direct all temporal efforts toward building Catholic culture and our Father’s eternal kingdom.

Our mission is brought to fruition through:

  • Leading our students to grow in knowledge of and love for God, which will enable them to love and serve those around them.

  • Implementing a rigorous classical curriculum that teaches the truth, which is the foundation of all knowledge, and inspiring students with “a supernatural vision, founded on Christian anthropology, animated by communion and community, imbued with a Catholic worldview throughout the curriculum, and sustained by gospel witness."*

  • Fostering the social, moral, and physical development of each student through co-curricular activities. 

* Archbishop J. Michael Miller, The Holy See's Teaching on Catholic Schools