Resiliency of Knights Fosters Dominating Win

Over this past week the Knights have demonstrated a rapid improvement in their overall performance. The trials of the earlier part of the season have certainly borne fruit, made visible in our efforts against Jesse Remington and Parker Academy. These games, and all of our upcoming league games for that matter, are absolutely crucial for tournament seeding. We are striving for at least one home playoff game as a way to thank all of our supporters who have been there throughout the season.

Although the scoreboard indicated a loss against Jesse Remington - by a score of 2-3 - it was a win in our own minds. Why so you may ask? Well, we were trailing 3-0 going into the final 5 minutes of play, and rallied to score 2 goals in a span of 3 minutes. Thus, we never wavered in our pursuit to play as hard as possible. This has become a defining characteristic of our team, which makes the last few moments of the game very suspenseful. We just need to piece together a whole game of such dramatic efforts, and we will begin to put together a win streak.

Our forwards were bolstered by the presence of our goaltender in the concluding minutes, whose hustle outside the goal certainly revitalized the efforts of the whole team. Joe Wallace has now returned to his natural position as stopper, and this has improved our whole defensive unit. As we left Jesse Remington, there was a sense of confidence unlike ever before in the season, which speaks to the heart of the team, that even after a loss, confidence can be discovered.  It was obvious that in spite of our early season troubles, we can compete and be victorious against any team in our league.

Against Parker our prayers were answered. As was spoken before previously on this blog, we have adopted Our Lady of Victory as the patron saint of our team this year. We are gathering that like Mary, who was taken up into heaven because of her unfailing faith and perseverance in the Father's will, we will not experience the full fruits of our efforts until the end of the season. While competing versus Parker, we could sense a dramatic improvement in team chemistry. This was most evident in the passing of our forwards, but also in the collective play of the defense. There was always another defender to support the initial tackle on the ball. Midfielders were holding steady in their positional play, in which the ball seemed to find them. And our forwards posted their highest shot total of the year, which certainly paid off in the goal column. Final score: 5-1, in which 5 different forwards scored.

We have another home game against RSEC Academy this upcoming Monday, October 18th, at 3:30pm.

Thanks for following the Knights!

Our Lady of Victory, Pray for Us!