Still Time to Apply: Come and See the Beauty of Virtue

We are gearing up for the start of school on Tuesday, Sept. 4th!

Teachers officially reported to school today, although all teachers have been unofficially preparing their classrooms since the opening of the new building. The campus has undergone a several changes in the past week alone. The parking area and driveway were paved and lined last week, and fresh grass is being laid down all over campus during this upcoming week. When families return to school next week, there will certainly be lot of surprised looks.

"First things first". Fr. Peter celebrated a Mass for all of the full time for all of the full time faculty members in the new adoration chapel today. It is always important to remember the real reason for our school's existence: the generosity of Jesus Christ.

We are also delighted to announce a renewal of the core virtue program. Each month of the school year, teachers across all grade levels integrate a particular virtue into their instruction and lesson planning. Teachers were blessed to receive a very helpful resource to support their efforts of forming character and virtue.

There is still time to apply. If you need a refresher on what makes Mount Royal such a special place, please check out the highlights below....

• We are a private Catholic school providing a Christian education to children pre-K through 12th grade.

• We are an affordable option for families seeking a quality education in a nurturing and challenging environment.

• We are Catholic families and non-Catholic families. Our doors are open to all denominations — 40% of our students are not Catholic.