Student Essay Published on "Star of Bethlehem"

One hallmark of a good education is the ability to write well. After reading a great work and discussing it in class, students are tasked with an assessment that invites them to articulate what they have learned. They are called upon to write well. When a student rises to the occasion and submits an essay that shines with persuasion, clarity, and originality, it is a moment worthy of recognition. We are pleased to present such a moment here.

St. Therese and How to be a Disciple – Bethlehem Society

"This week, I am happy to share another student’s work published in the Star of Bethlehem. Alyssa Nadeau has been studying St.Therese and her spiritual autobiography, The Story of a Soul. Inspired by this great saint, Alyssa wrote a reflection on how to be a disciple, approached through the lens of St. Therese’s life. I was touched by the simplicity and clarity of Alyssa’s writing. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I did. " -Mr. Ambrose Bean, Humanities Teacher