Student Reflection on the March for Life

Reflections on the March for Life

This past Friday I was fortunate enough to attend the 49th annual March for Life in Washington D.C. The March is always a powerful and encouraging experience. Being surrounded by thousands of pro-life advocates (largely teenagers and young adults), is encouraging in a way nothing else can be; the joy and zeal for life is palpable.

It is easy to be pro-life at the March for Life, making our voices heard in a very real way and bearing witness to the beauty of life. At the March, it is easy to see Roe’s end. Bringing an end to abortion seems almost easy, but as we all return home, the task becomes more daunting and seems less realistic. It can be discouraging. But being pro-life is not a once-a-year occurrence. This issue is about more than abortion; it is, at its core, about affirming that all life is valuable. Our pro-life convictions must penetrate every aspect of our lives. Not all of us are called to be in courts fighting for pro-life legislation or working as sidewalk counselors outside abortion clinics. How can we be more pro-life in our daily lives? How can we see the worth in every person we encounter? Simply listening to others when they speak to us and engaging in meaningful conversation with them, spending time with our families, and being kind to everyone who crosses our paths are ways that we can affirm the dignity of those around us. The journey to end abortion is far from over, but let us start in our own homes. The March for Life is a concrete way to show our support for the rights of preborn children, but if we wish to end abortion, we must make an effort to be more pro-life in our daily lives as well.

Lord, teach us how to be more pro-life in everything we do.

- Anya Moorehouse, 23'