Student Violin Orchestra Performance Highlights Accomplishments

There were no arrows, to be sure, but thirty-two bows certainly were flying at Mount Royal Academy June 2nd. The inaugural violin class of thirty-two students showcased their new found skills before a packed Saint Joseph Center last Thursday night.  Led by the acclaimed Alicia Casey, the premier Suzuki violin teacher from the Upper Valley Music Center, students in grades one through six patiently stood before the crowd as Casey recapped the purpose and progress of the weekly lessons.  Grades one through three then began by performing several pieces that featured the foundational skills they acquired thus far. Grades four through six followed in turn, displaying more dexterous technical abilities.  For the finale, the entire group played a few familiar tunes.



While still in early development, the orchestra proved their ability to work in concert, keep time and use differing techniques for varied musical expression. As Casey noted during the performance, “these apparently simple skills will benefit the children, not only in the realm of music, but in all aspects of life. Improved confidence, memory and coordination are just a few examples.” Headmaster, Derek Tremblay added, “This program was a great success and we look forward to expanding it next year.” The violin program, which began in the second semester of this year, will run throughout the next academic year.