Thanksgiving Reflection

November 25, 2011

As I was cleaning my desk the other day I came across a note that was made to myself. The note simple said, “reflection on MRA graduation”. The deadline Mr. Tremblay gave me was woefully missed!

There were a myriad of thoughts and emotions running through my being that beautiful June day.  Both sets of grandparents were in attendance. Our recently transferred pastor Father Richard St. Louis was officiating the graduation ceremony which included Mass at St. Joachim. (It must be noted that Fr. Rick was a great supporter of the Mount Royal Mission.)  There were the party plans and all that goes with a graduation day. Of course the day belonged to the graduates of Mount Royal. Among the graduates was my youngest daughter Mary.

As I look back on that day, albeit six months later, the word gratitude permeates my thoughts. The gratitude a parent has with an option of a Catholic school in our midst to send our children. The gratitude of having supportive priests, which include Bishop John.  The gratitude of having the Blessed Sacrament reposed on school property.  The gratitude of benefactors, the Brooms come to mind. The gratitude of a small school in a small geographic area surviving eighteen years. The gratitude of a devoted administration and staff that enter into mission territory each and every day. The gratitude of those involved over the years. The souls of former board members Brian and Mark come to mind.

With all that said, it was the graduates themselves that nailed the gratitude theme. It was they that, one after another, from their heart, thanked parents, priests, teachers, headmasters, classmates. As I recall my daughter gave the last presentation at the school before breaking up for family gatherings. Mary spoke from the heart without the benefit of notes or a teleprompter. Mary spoke at length about her thirteen years at MRA, good and bad.  Mary ended by thanking God.


In Jesus Mary and Joseph

Fred Bocko