Two Seniors at MRA Earn Esteemed Oberkotter Scholarship

As the class of 2016 approaches graduation, the pressure to confront their future only increases. This pressure typically peaks even closer to May 1st, when seniors have to submit housing deposits. The ever growing costs of post-secondary education are a decisive factor, even if we want to encourage our young people to dream and look beyond the horizon to new possibilities for greatness. In this context, receiving a scholarship can be a vital piece of information while seniors select which door to open.

Mount Royal Academy is pleased to announce that two incredibly accomplished and outstanding seniors were recently awarded a $3,500 scholarship from the Robert and Joyce Oberkotter Family Foundation. If Adrianna Kenyon and Miriam Caveney opt to re-apply for additional scholarships, they could receive up to $17,500 towards their college education. This is a significant gift, and these two young women certainly earned every dollar.

According to the Oberkotter criteria, eligible applicants shall demonstrate two or more of the following: strong moral and ethical character; service to school, community and/or family; part-time work; extra-curricular activities; and/or sports participation.

Miriam Caveney made the following remarks when she discovered she was a recipient: “I'd just like to thank all my MRA teachers who greatly impacted my education, and give a special thanks to Dr. Kalpakgian and to my family friend, Camille Hardt, for writing letters of recommendation. Also, I'd like to thank the Oberkotter foundation for giving scholarships to upcoming college freshman. This money will greatly help my family's finances since my parents are going to be supporting myself along with my two brothers in college as of next school year.”

And Adrianna’s mother couldn’t hold back her excitement: “We couldn't be prouder of Adrianna. She is proof that hard work on and off campus pay off. Being an honors student, getting involved in sports and community work isn't something Addy did to win a scholarship. She did it because that's the kind of person she is and we know her 6 years at MRA have helped her grow into the amazing young lady she is today.”

Please join us as we affirm the goodness of these two gifted young women, both of whom will certainly leave a lasting impression wherever they decide to go after high school.