Week 2 Preseason Training Going Well!

God's Providence strikes again! We were forced to begin our practices 2 hours earlier because of Teacher Week, which obviously inflicts a greater strain on some of our families. However, with the onset of a late summer heat wave, we have both especially thankful for early morning practices. We have been spared from extremely difficult humidity. When we begin the weather is cool, but by the time we end the humidity spikes significantly.

The student-athletes are improving their physical stamina and strength, as well as their soccer skills day by day. We have returned to fundamentals: PASSING, ball control, trapping, and shooting low and away. Our goalie has been privileged enough to receive 1-to-1 training from Mr. Popielarz, a former goaltender himself. We strongly believe that if we can play together by passing the ball, retaining possession, and playing safe defense, we will surely have an advantage over the opposing teams.

With our game schedule near complete, and the beginning of school less than one week away, we feel confident that our hard work will be rewarded.

All the coach expects is extraordinary effort, individually and collectively, and he hasn't been let down yet!