Window into the Classroom - Technology

Mr. Bean shares another installment of his classroom lectures series published on Bethlehem Society.

Our technology policy is very important to us here at Mount Royal Academy. We restrict the use of cell phones on our campus as a service to the students themselves. We want to give them the gifts of silence, beauty, and authentic social interaction. Modern technology is a powerful tool that can be used for good, but we need to be able to put it away for a time if we are going to pursue these other ends. 

Today I’d like to give you a window into the classroom at Mount Royal Academy. I recently talked to a very attentive tenth grade class about these ideas, and you can see some of that conversation in the videos linked below. 

-Mr. Ambrose Bean, Humanities Teacher

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Full video: Ep 7 - Our Distracted World - 1 Corinthians (