Mrs. Kelly Ouellette

Mrs. Kelly Ouellette

“Faith in action is love—and love in action is service.” – St. Teresa of Calcutta

Reflections on Catholic Education

I was raised in a non-denominational Christian church, and as I got older, began searching for answers that I couldn’t find in my own faith experience. With a strong faith in God and a strong desire to know the truth, I learned that what I was seeking was the Catholic faith. I was confirmed Catholic on Easter Sunday of 2000.

When my husband and I started our family, I vowed that I would raise my children to know and love the Truth, and I promised myself that no matter what the personal sacrifice, I would give them an authentic Catholic education. What that meant to me was that I wanted them to be immersed in the truth and rich history of the Catholic faith. I wanted them to experience the sacraments as often as possible, and to feel comfortable exploring who they truly were as Catholics and as young men and women. Most importantly, I wanted them to be surrounded by adults who were happily living and infectiously spreading their faith. 

As a teacher at Mount Royal, this is the joy and infectiousness that I hope to share with all of the students that I encounter each day. Teaching is not just about sharing a subject that you love, but about serving those who you are asked to share it with. Algebra and Geometry are important to each child’s future, but even more important is what type of person they will become.

Mrs. Kelly Ouellette has been teaching junior high and high school math and science at MRA for six years. She has a degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from Eastern Michigan University. Before coming to MRA as a long-term sub in 2010, Mrs. Ouellette worked as a chemical engineer, using extensive math skills every day! She loves to share her joy and the challenge of learning math with the students of Mount Royal. While math can be difficult for many students, she seeks to break down the complexity in order to reach all students. Mrs. Ouellette converted to Catholicism fifteen years ago, and enjoys learning and sharing her faith with others every day. She lives in Newbury, New Hampshire, with her husband, Allen, and six children.