Ms. Elizabeth Figueroa

Ms. Elizabeth Figueroa

“Our happiest times are those in which we forget ourselves, usually in being kind to someone else. That tiny moment of self-abdication is an act of true humility: the man who loses himself finds himself and finds his happiness.” - Venerable Fulton Sheen

Reflections on Catholic Education

I must acknowledge how the Catholic enrichment I received through Mass and the sacraments, the examples of peers and educators, and the material engaged in the classroom during my years as a student have all heavily influenced my perspective on Catholic Education.

From a teacher’s perspective, I have observed how greatly curiosity drives the mental and physical actions of young minds. While perennial questions begin to enter discussions and direct self-judgments, the exploration of purpose quickly follows. How exactly these truths operate within a Catholic framework becomes a question that students heavily examine. What is unconditional love? What is forgiveness? Why do we value these teachings, and how do we observe them practically? Having a Catholic Education then, in which neither doctrine nor devotion is compromised, is especially critical if we want our children to know God, value one another, and live intentionally in a communion of persons. It is an invitation to give of oneself, and this is evident by the universal truths valued in the simplest of academic lessons that invigorate our understanding of Catholicism.

Ms. Figueroa graduated from Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts, majoring in Literature with honors and an Apostolic Catechetical Diploma. Several experiences heavily contributed to her discernment in accepting a teaching position at Mount Royal Academy. While working in childcare at Christ the King, leading the Dignitas Program as President at Magdalen College, partaking in a mission trip to Guatemala, and then completing the Cardinal Newman Teaching Institute Internship, Ms. Figueroa felt called to accept a Resource Teaching position at Mount Royal Academy. Already familiar with academic support and fond of special-ed work, she happily moved to the area to take on this role. She is a familiar face for our students, having interned here in the spring of 2019. Ms. Figueroa is excited to enable students to confront challenging material, grow in confidence, and share in the celebration of the school's mission. Her hobbies include bike riding, singing, all sorts of reading, and many other outdoorsy and performing arts-related activities.