3rd Quarter Academic Honors Released

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Lenten Reflection: St. Joseph

The field of clinical psychology peaks my interest. Of late, I have been reading and seeking out the perspectives of people who really encounter serious sadness and tragedy in others, trying to assess how I can even improve my own mindset. 

There is an adage that often gets thrown around to capture what happens when someone who feels extremely wronged or confused: "perception is reality". This is peculiar to me because it means we don't share any common experience of what is happening around us; instead, our personal experience of what is happening is what determines what really happened.

In ...

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Prudential Teacher Development

Very few veteran Catholic teachers desire to relive their first year of teaching. The greatest experiential truths I have learned as a Catholic educator are from my failures. The first year of teaching is where I failed the most.

Professional development is frequently proposed as a suitable solution to overcoming deficiencies in knowledge or pedagogical practice for a teacher. But what comes to mind when we hear the term “professional development”? Sadly, mostly negative connotations abound.

The National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools articula...

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Lenten Reflection

Lenten Reflection

Each year as Lent arrives I contemplate what actions I will take. Not simply a list of favorite foods to forego, or times I will fast; but ideas of how I can actively use this time to draw closer to God, focus more closely on his Passion, become more aware of the miracle of His Resurrection.

In our 8th grade Catechesis class students quickly covered the board with ideas - ways we could give alms, pray, and fast. Some suggested giving up screen time, a favorite Netflix show, or a specific device. They mentioned filling this new void with concrete actions: helping with chores ...

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In Memoriam: Rick Mihaly

Dear Families,

Tuesday was a hard day. Rick Mihaly - a spiritual father and prayer warrior in our school community - passed into eternal life. 

Sometimes there isn't much to do but pray. And pray is what we did. I am not sure how else the human spirit can process such sudden reminders of our mortality.  Each of Mr. Mihaly's (Andrew) classes went to adoration instead of history class.  Elementary classrooms visited the oratory. We brought our Lord out into exposition, prayed the office of the dead, recited the chaplet of divine mercy, and then turned to the patron of the dying and our school's...

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Student Essay: Celibacy For The Kingdom

The world views celibacy as an unnatural constraint, a wholly unnecessary sacrifice that can only bring suffering to its unfortunate practitioner. However, celibacy is in fact a God-given calling that, far from suppressing man’s sexuality, actually liberates him to focus entirely on that which his sexuality points to, namely eternal happiness, love, and communion with God. Read More

Charity is Hard Work

Dear Families,


It is a word laden with baggage, such as past experiences and cliches. Images of food drives and used clothing collections come to mind. Charity is giving stuff to those in need. Charity is helping those in obvious need: the downtrodden, the suffering, the poor.

This past weekend we were faced with a challenging Gospel: Luke 6:27-38. Jesus told us to love your enemies… do good to those who hate you... do not judge, and you will not be judged.

This is tough stuff. It is easy to sort through my closet, choose clothes I infrequently wear, and put them in a bag for “charity...

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Seven Laws of Teaching

Dear Families,

I have been reading(and re-reading) John Milton Gregory's The Seven Laws of Teaching, sharing his lucid commentary with teachers. And then it occurred to me that some of his insights are so spot on that parents too would benefit from reflecting on even just a few.

"A truth can be fully seen only in the light of other truths. It is known by its resemblances."

"Truth must be clearly understood before it can be vividly felt."

"Attention [in the learner] will be steadiest when appeal is made to the strongest faculty. One person can give steady attention to objects sense,another to ...

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God Drives Our Bus

Dear Families,

When completing my graduate classes in administration we read the popular business text, Good to Great (2001, Collins). The author puts forth the metaphor of a business as a bus. He questions decisions made pertaining to the direction in which the bus is moving, the bus’ final destination, and most importantly-- who is on the bus with you; viewing the latter as of preeminent importance.

Collins emphasizes the importance of getting “the right” people on the bus, the futility of driving in the “right” direction with the “wrong” people, and so on and so forth. Which makes perfect s...

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2nd Quarter Academic Honors 2018-2019

Mount Royal Academy has announced academic awards of junior high and high school students for the 2nd Quarter of the 2018-2019 school year. Read More