Why go to China?

I was recently dispatched to China by our Headmaster in order to meet directly with prospective international students with a strong interest in coming to the United States of America for secondary education.

As I have been interviewing students, speaking with other educators, and attempting to absorb the astonishing sights of the Chinese culture, my reflection at the end of the day has always led me to this question: Why is God calling Mount Royal to welcome Chinese students to our school community?

My observations have only reinforced my awareness of the distinct charism of our school commun...

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Martin Doman at Mount Royal

Mount Royal Academy will be hosting acclaimed Catholic musician Martin Doman on Friday, November 18th for an evening of praise and worship. The concert begins at 7:00pm. Youth within and outside our school community will also be led by Martin through a spiritual retreat during the regular school days hours.

Martin is  featured on EWTN and Catholic TV, and is currently serving as director of praise and worship for Ave Maria University. Martin has led worship for Steubenville’s Youth Conferences. Families and youth groups are invited to join Mount Royal for a night of unforgettable praise and wo...

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Knights Soccer Update

With only 2 weeks remaining in the regular season, the Knights have demonstrated significant growth. Our record doesn't quite reflect the improvement in team play, as we stand at 3-5 overall, and 3-1 in league play.

Losses are typically losses only on the scoreboard, because the Knights have competed well against all foes. The Knights have proven themselves capable of winning any game, but we have failed to cultivate a sense of confidence and focus that could potentially enable us to string together several wins.

The handiwork of God's gracious hand is always visible nevertheless, as evidenced...

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Mount Royal Opens New St. Joseph Center

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The newsletter is a great way to review the many observable blessings God the Father continues to lavish upon our school community, all through the intercession of our heavenly patron, St. Joseph.

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The New Face of Missionary Work

Dear Families,

When I think of missionary work my imagination can easily conjure up the image of the lone missionary going forth, struggling through hardships, arriving overseas, and bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the inhabitants of such un-charted territory. Our Catholic Church from the beginning has been going forth to evangelize all parts of the world. It has always been awe inspiring to hear of such people called to a life of missionary work. My inspiration came not only from the work of the missionary but from the tremendous gift of faith and courage it must have taken to make ...

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Knights Split Versus Holy Family

As was previously announced, the Knights hosted two soccer matches against Holy Family Academy on Saturday, September 24th.

Both games were action-packed. The JV game was filled with a couple of dramatic lead changes, while the Varsity match-up exhausted players and spectators,  as both teams very admirably challenged each another for the whole 80 minutes.

The final score of the JV match was 6-5 in favor of Holy Family. It was a game full of many 'firsts' in Mount Royal history: our first EVER JV game; the first time our younger players were left to compete without the direction and leadership...

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MRA Welcomes Holy Family Academy

Mount Royal welcomes families from Holy Family Academy to our campus on Saturday, September 24th.

There are two soccer matches today: our JV squad, consisting of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders will be kicking off at 10:00am. Then, our Varsity team, including grades 9 - 12, begins match play at 12:00pm.

The rain looks like it is holding off, and the Student Government is hosting a Bake Sale and Concession stand.

We are very grateful for the solidarity and charity that has been shared between Holy Family and MRA over the years, and we pray that this day will be filled with cheerfulness, excitement, a...

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Knights of Our Lady Win Season-Opener

On one of the many feast days dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, Our Lady of Sorrows, the Knights of Our Lady were victorious in their first soccer game of the season. Her intercession was certainly made known, as the rain remained minimal, the support poured in, and the team's resolve to come together and play hard was very high.

This season represents a changing of the guard so to speak for our soccer program. Many of the core student-athletes who participated in the past have graduated, and the team has welcomed several new faces. There is only one 12th grader on the team, but the leadership ...

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"A Time for Remembrance, Resolve, and Renewal"

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks on America, we would like to share prepared remarks written by Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York.

As we commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon, it is a time for remembrance, resolve and renewal.

We reverently recall those who were most directly affected by this tragedy -- those who died, were injured or lost loved ones. In a special way we recall the selfless first responders -- firefighters, police, chaplains, emergency workers, and other brav...

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Fall Plant Sale Around the Corner

Hello MRA Families,

Continuing our tradition of great Plant Sales, we will be hosting a Fall Plant Sale on Friday, September 16th from 2pm – 4pm (will stay til 5pm if you request ahead of time) and Saturday, September 18th from 9am to noon.

For the fall, we will be featuring mums, decorative cabbage/kale and sedum from our friends at Black Water Nursery in Boscawen.  Additionally, we will have dug perennials from our family of wonderful gardens in the area.  I am also looking into fall colored pansies, but the nursery did not have them yet.

If you will be buying Mums for the fall season…please...

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