1st Game a Learning Experience

MRA lost its first game of the soccer season to Holy Family 4-0. For almost half our team, this was the first competitive soccer experience of their lives. We will return to practice on Monday, and work together to get out some of the kinks that were discovered during the game.

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The First Day

With the first day of school come and gone, students appeared noticeably happy and accepting of what the future holds. Mount Royal is in a transitional year, which presents its own series of challenges and difficulties. However, we are very fortunate to have some new faces, including two international students. Some familiar faces have returned, and we are likewise tremendously excited for the gifts they will undoubtedly contribute to our school.

Different than previous years, we have adapted our Upper School schedule to include block scheduling on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This permits courses ...

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And so the anticipation is rising, each passing moment of this final day of summer vacation becomes a perpetual reminder of what tomorrow holds. The first day of school is always filled with an indescribable mixture of emotions. Excitement, anxiety, happiness, sorrow, earnestness, apprehensiveness, hope, and doubt all cloud the hearts and minds of students and teachers alike. And then, before we all exhale, the day concludes.

It is a reminder of how quickly the school year passes, which compels us to approach each day with a high level of determination. Because if we fail to act, if we fail to...

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Week 2 Preseason Training Going Well!

God's Providence strikes again! We were forced to begin our practices 2 hours earlier because of Teacher Week, which obviously inflicts a greater strain on some of our families. However, with the onset of a late summer heat wave, we have both especially thankful for early morning practices. We have been spared from extremely difficult humidity. When we begin the weather is cool, but by the time we end the humidity spikes significantly.

The student-athletes are improving their physical stamina and strength, as well as their soccer skills day by day. We have returned to fundamentals: PASSING, ba...

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Week 1 Preseason Training OVER!

We completed our first week of training and conditioning for the upcoming soccer season. The efforts of these young men and woman is certainly commendable. They were pushed beyond their comfort zones, and really demonstrated a willingness to reach new physical and mental capabilities. They showed a resiliency unlike never before. Moreover, they continually offered words of encouragement towards each other in those moments when the pain and exhaustion seemed overwhelming. When faced with adversity and new challenges, they really rose to the occasion. Words cannot fully express how excited the c...

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MRA Soccer Begins

We have begun our pre-season training. The young ladies and gentleman are hard at work conditioning their bodies, and their wills, to charge themselves into soccer shape. It is a blessing to witness these young men and women rise to the occasion when challenged physically. Our prospects for the upcoming season are looking especially bright at this point, primarily because of the attitudes and efforts of the student-athletes.

We are very fortunate to welcome Mr. Popielarz as our new assistant coach. He is an incoming parent so to speak, as both of his children will now be attending Mount Royal....

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The Special Charism of Mount Royal

Mount Royal has officially entered the blogosphere! We will certainly try our best to communicate all types of news and information regarding the school to our wider community through this new and effective media tool. We will also strive to feature guest postings from our students, teachers, and our headmaster.

The special charism or grace that influences the charity and solidarity of our community ought to be shared with the whole world. We acknowledge that we have received this school community as a gift from God the Father. The hearts and minds of the families and educators involved i...

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