Exclusive Film Screening - May 14th

A very special event will take place this Saturday, May 14th, during Mount Royal's Spring Open House. An exclusive, complimentary screening of the brand new documentary film about the Original Image of Divine Mercy will be shown in the Saint Joseph center at 2pm. The very poster that hangs in the school gym is a replica of the painting that is the subject of this film. There is a fascinating story behind the image and the saint who was inspired by God to have it painted. In this Year of Mercy, the documentary provides a great opportunity to learn more about the extraordinary graces God wants t...

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118 MRA Students Receive 3rd Quarter Academic Honors

Mount Royal Academy has announced academic awards for the 3rd Quarter of the 2015-2016 school year. 21 students earned a position on the Headmaster’s List with a 4.0 average for the 3rd quarter.

More than 55% of the student body attained Honor Roll recognition; placing on the Headmaster’s List, the High Honors List (no more than one B), or the Honors List (no more than one C). In total, 118 students received Academic Honors.

Grade 1

Headmaster’s List: Mary Walsh

High Honors: Emily Beturne, Lucy Fryckowska, Nicholas Lavertue, Finn McColgan, Lindsey Smrkovski

Honors: Jackson Barns, Maia Dow, Hop...

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MRA Knights of Our Lady Basketball Program Elevating to Varsity Level

The iconic David and Goliath story provides an apt backdrop to a school that has remained largely unnoticed in the Lake Sunapee Region. Since 2010, there has been a determined effort to build a sustainable and competitive basketball program at Mount Royal Academy. Originally, there was only one boys’ basketball team, consisting of students in grades 7-12. Now, the basketball program is grateful and pleased to announce that the Knights of Our Lady will be competing at the varsity level in the NHIAA.

Since joining the NHIAA in 2012, the high school girls and boys competed against junior varsity ...

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Student Spotlight: Lyndsey Patten 5th grade

The elementary grades of schooling should be a time of intense learning in all facets of life. A child’s intellect is focused on absorbing knowledge and skills in a myriad of disciplines.

Lyndsey Patten is currently a 5th grade student at Mount Royal Academy who embodies this truth. Her teacher, Mrs. Diebold, notes that Lyndsey works hard in class, never fails to complete her assignments and is especially good in math. Her academic diligence has won her a consistent spot on the quarterly honor roll lists.

Outside of school, Lyndsey pursues excellence in many ways. She has studied ballroom danc...

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Two Seniors at MRA Earn Esteemed Oberkotter Scholarship

As the class of 2016 approaches graduation, the pressure to confront their future only increases. This pressure typically peaks even closer to May 1st, when seniors have to submit housing deposits. The ever growing costs of post-secondary education are a decisive factor, even if we want to encourage our young people to dream and look beyond the horizon to new possibilities for greatness. In this context, receiving a scholarship can be a vital piece of information while seniors select which door to open.

Mount Royal Academy is pleased to announce that two incredibly accomplished and outstanding...

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Captivating Pope Provides Practical Wisdom

Dear Families,

Pope Francis is without a doubt, a highly captivating and inspiring figure. His papacy has been marked by a renewed public interest in so-called matters of faith, even though the culture is becoming more and more resistant to anything perceived to be unseen, unproven, or purportedly unfair.

I am sure many of us have encountered commentary regarding the post-synodal exhortation entitled Amoris Lataeitie ('Joy of Love'). Forgive me if this is too blunt, but the primary reason our culture has been eager for this document penned by Pope Francis to be released is quite simple: human ...

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Student Spotlight: Matthew Caveney (Class of 2016)

Matthew Caveney ('16) is pictured here with his sister, Miriam ('16), sporting his medals from  Division II States.


Mount Royal Academy’s mission is centered on fostering an environment in which each student can recognize his true dignity and excel in all facets of life. Senior Matthew Caveney exemplifies this ethic.

As president of the Student Government and a member of the National Honors Society, his leadership is well established. His efforts led to improved social experiences for the student body. Matt oversaw a field trip to a Red Sox game last year. He recently coordinated ...

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Rare, Intimate Musical Concerts at MRA

There is a well-kept secret hiding in Sunapee NH. Only a privileged few are aware that Mount Royal Academy has hosted five high caliber musical concerts over the past six months. The series has been dubbed the Concert Spirituel. The title pays homage to the tradition that began in late 18th century France. At that time, musical performances were heard by the privileged few in the homes of society’s elite. The Concert Spirituel was proffered to the public at large through the purchase of a ticket - a truly novel idea at the time. The series underway at Mount Royal Academy has revived the concep...

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Headmaster's Triduum Message

Dear Families,

There is a famous Catholic saying that captures the reality of what we are about to enter: "It must be Holy Week." The saying signifies that because the God of the universe endured the greatest injustice in human history for our sake, we should expect a heavy dose of the bizarre ourselves. But even though bad things happen to good people, we don't stop at the mere recognition of evil. We can see beyond evil because of the resurrection faith. The eyes of faith provide clarity of vision and perspective, since we know that the battle between good and evil has already been won. Holy...

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Thrilling Performance by Moscow Pianist Ilya Vanichkin at Mount Royal Academy


On February 27th, Moscow piano virtuoso Ilya Vanichkin wowed an intimate group of concertgoers from all over Sullivan County.  He exhibited complete mastery of the school's new grand piano. Indeed, Vanichkin performed with subtle shadings and a musical sensibility that is extremely rare.

"We had the audience sit in a close-knit semicircle around the keyboard.  When Ilya first came in and saw how close to the piano I had put the chairs, he told me to back them up a bit," says Simeon Morrow, Mount Royal's Music Director and producer of the Concert Spirituel series for which Vanichkin performe...

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