Historic Statewide Consecration of Catholic Schools

It was a great blessing to join Bishop Libasci and 6,000 Catholic school students from 27 NH Catholic schools to consecrate ourselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary. These words of the Bishop’s consecration prayer capture the essence of the event, “Dearest Mother, we know that each of us is precious in your eyes and that all that you embrace is touched by God’s grace. As the Angel Gabriel said, you are “full of grace,” and, “the Lord is with you” (Luke 1:28). Therefore, we place our administrators, our teachers, students and staff, all our properties, our buildings as well as all operations, inte...

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Class of 2017: What are they up to?

Dear Families,

Home stretch, here we come! It is hard to believe that we only have six and a half weeks of school left, and a mere four and a half for our eighth graders and seniors. We've tried to keep you in the loop with all the concluding events below, and I would make sure to remain attentive to classroom teachers’ weekly messages to get a pulse on fun field trips.

Now that May 1 has come and gone, our seniors have made commitments to life after Mount Royal Academy. Our mission is focused on vocational calling, not career building. Our students will be in the world, but not of the world....

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Gifts and Talents That Bring Joy

Kealan is a great example of what makes MRA a family. He can as easily be found playing with elementary students at recess as helping a high school student with math. Read More

Jacinta Hogan ('19) Wins Respect Life Essay Contest

Despite already competing in two sports, serving in student government, and being a member of the national honors society, Jacinta Hogan ('19) took up the challenge to submit an entry into the Knights of Columbus respect life essay contest. It was open to junior high and high school students in New Hampshire. Her efforts paid off as she was recently notified that she was one of six winners of the $100 cash prize. As the Knights State Culture of Life Director, Ron Di Stasio, noted, Jacinta’s “submission shows that (she) understands fully what is needed to reach out to those in crisis.”

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Stories of Our Own Saints

Dear Families,

There is great truth to be learned in story telling as we all know, and so often in the stories we encounter it is the people who really provoke our hearts and minds. The beauty of a classical education is that we read good stories that captivate the mind and ignite our conscience.

But there are also people around us every day, each with their own unique story. We don’t often consider their stories in the same way as we do with a written story, so I wanted to share with you the stories of people in our own school community that spark a sense of gratitude and wonder much lik...

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Naomi Nelson Receives NHBCO Award & Oberkotter Scholarship

Senior Naomi Nelson was recently named to the New Hampshire Basketball Coaches Organization All-Academic Team. The NHBCO Academic Honor Roll, published annually, is based upon a varsity basketball student athlete's scholastic standing during junior or senior season. To be eligible for the NHBCO Academic Honor Roll, a student athlete must attain two or more criteria: top 20% of class or B+ or better cumulative GPA. 

Naomi was also the recipient of the prestigious Robert and Joyce Oberkotter Family Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship is valued at $14,000 over the four years of college. This...

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3rd Quarter Academic Honors

Mount Royal Academy has announced academic awards for the 3rd quarter of the 2016-2017 school year. 29 students earned a position on the Headmaster’s List with a 4.0 average. More than 60% of the student body attained Honor Roll recognition; placing on the Headmaster’s List, the High Honors List (no more than one B), or the Honors List (no more than one C).

Grade 1

High Honors: Isabella Acevedo, Olivia Heath, Kathryn McLaughlin, Marissa Ouellette, Brett Pignataro

Honors: Ella Gifford

Grade 2

Headmaster’s List: Lindsey Smrkovski

High Honors: Paige Hall, Nicholas Lavertue, Claire Th...

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Crossing Threshold of Hope

Dear Families, Faculty, and Patrons,

The Paschal narratives are filled with innumerable insights, and even the Gospel writers themselves intentionally emphasize certain revelations about Jesus' final moments on earth. The Church has always understood John's gospel to be deeply symbolic, but also highly Christological. Jesus' interactions with his own disciples, Pilate, and Caiaphas indicate that he is fully aware of his mission and remains in complete control of his destiny. Nevertheless, Jesus willfully submits to the Father's plan to reverse the harm caused by the First Adam. The ...

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Mock Trial: Ewell Fined $300 for Partial Guilt

This week our sophomores staged a mock trial based on Harper Lee’s classic To Kill a Mockingbird in which Helen Robinson seeks reparation from the Ewells. The students created and complete the trial in character and were judged by a jury of their peers. 

Our own Elizabeth Orlowski wrote the following news article with all the details: Ewell Fined 300 for Partial Guilt.

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Mission and Sports

Dear Families,

Despite the uncooperative weather, spring sports are gearing up for the new season.  Our high school baseball team has been putting their pitching mound to use in the gym, the girls softball team is running drills, the track team has been out for after school runs and the 5/6 baseball team began practice yesterday.  New to MRA this year is rugby, with practices on Sundays at Proctor Academy.

Maybe you didn’t know this about me, but I love sports, not just because of their entertainment value but because they truly have the ability to make people better.  Youth sports, in partic...

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