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Mount Royal Academy’s Annual Spelling Bee

Mount Royal's annual elementary school spelling bee was held this past Thursday in the St. Joseph Center. Students from grades one through six advanced from their class spelling bee to participate in the school bee, moderated by Mrs. Robin Moorehouse.  Participants were Finn McColgan (Gr. 1), Caitlin Richardson (Gr. 2), Luke Moorehouse (Gr. 3), Cathy Bellino (Gr. 4), Lauren Dustin (Gr. 4 - Mrs. Diebold), Anya Moorehouse (Gr. 5) and Tino Prieto (Gr. 6).

The competition lasted 1-1/2 hours as students fielded words delivered from the Scripps National Spelling Bee list at and above grade level. La...

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Student Essays Par Excellence

Rhetorical effectiveness is integral to the classically influenced curriculum at Mount Royal Academy. Essay assignments create prime opportunities for students to exercise command of the subject. Presented here are two examples par excellence.

Whether Surrogate Motherhood is Good

One of the greatest theological minds humanity has ever seen is that of Saint Thomas Aquinas. He is the author of many profound works, but he is most famous for the Summa theologiae. This immense and innovative opus became one of the main foundations for Catholic moral teaching. In his Summa, Aquinas presents his read...

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Catholic Schools' Week: Year of Mercy

Dear Families,

In Pope Francis' message for Lent, he fittingly gravitates towards the Jubilee Year of Mercy as a source of inspiration. Jesus uttered the simplest justification for mercy during his public ministry: "I desire mercy, and not sacrifice” (Mt 9:13). The Pope explains that, "the mercy of God is a proclamation made to the world, a proclamation which each Christian is called to experience at first hand."

This fixation on mercy is not without connection to Catholic education. An authentic and dynamic Catholic education instructs and forms children to know the truth, and subsequently pr...

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Looking to the Saints for Lessons in Perseverance

Dear Families,

There is an unmistakable rhythm to the academic calendar. I think we would all agree that the drudgery of winter is a trying time, both in school and in the home. I admit to being victimized by the aforementioned stagnant spirit.

Reaching the halfway point, and successfully transitioning into the second half of the year presents an occasion for joyful reflection on all of the achievements and graces received in this academic year.

I think now is an especially great opportunity to look towards saints who have both spoken about and modeled perseverance and courage in the face of e...

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State Sen. Jerry Little Visits Mount Royal Academy

Video Report

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1st Annual Upper Valley School Choice and Camp Fair Scheduled for January 30th

Mount Royal Academy to participate.

Educational institutions and organizations from the upper valley invited to participate in nation's largest ever celebration of educational opportunity. 

NEWPORT – A special event will take place on Saturday, January 30, 2016 at 10:00 AM, to celebrate National School Choice Week.

Public schools, private schools, and summer camps all share a common goal: to educate young people. There is a surging interest in making educational experiences available to students, regardless of geographic location. We also share an established awareness that each child deserves...

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MRA Receives Grant to Improve Student Access to Technology

Mount Royal Academy is pleased to announce the Westerman Foundation recently awarded a $4,200 grant to upgrade the computer lab. The mission of the Westerman Foundation is “to provide financial support to educational institutions with emphasis on Catholic education; Christian based organizations, which promote family unity and values.”

The high school is currently equipped with a computer lab, primarily used for the junior high and high school engineering classes. This grant will be used to create a mobile computer lab, featuring a charging cart, 12 Chromebooks, and 2 new digital projectors.

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December is the Month of Charity

“So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Cor 13:13

It is no coincidence that Mount Royal Academy’s Virtue Formation Program features the virtue of charity in December. In the dead of winter, when the world is cast in barren darkness, the Church remembers and celebrates the greatest act of charity in all of history: the Word made flesh. God dwelt among us and revealed the depths of His love. This supreme act of love demands a response. The response takes shape in the kind and merciful acts carried out by MRA students in many ways. 

Recently, students from...

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Featured Upcoming Event: "Renewing the Family and Catholic Education"

Northeast Catholic College is a fellow Catholic institution and Mount Royal Academy wishes to make this wonderful opportunity known to our families and friends:

Northeast Catholic College is pleased to announce that His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke will visit the college on April 4, 2016.  His Eminence currently serves as the Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and previously served as the Cardinal Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.
During his visit, the Cardinal will lead sung Morning Prayer, offer several conferences for the students and member...

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Headmaster's Advent Message

Dear Families,

As excitement begins to build leading up to Christmas, it is appropriate and healthy to pause for a few reasons.

Happy New Year! Advent marks the beginning of our liturgical year. The Church fittingly places a season filled with waiting, expecting, and hoping at the start of a new year. This serves as a reminder that our lives are but a pro-longed period of waiting before we meet our benevolent, magnanimous, and loving Creator. And during the hustle and bustle of what has become an uncomfortably hectic season, it is critical that we all take a moment to reflect on where we are...

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