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The Advent Season

Advent is upon us! Advent can be a challenging time for families. The biggest challenge we all face in today's culture is the push to purchase the perfect gift. Moreover, Christmas is commercialized to such an extent that Advent is overshadowed by Christmas. Christmas is wonderful, but Advent is a season of preparation and waiting for the wonder of Christmas.
The awe of Christmas cannot be achieved unless we are willing to wait. As we wait for amazing gifts, the longing for the gift intensifies; such is the true purpose of Advent.

But the real question is, what are we waiting for? Are we w...

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Spirit Week 2014 ~ Photo Story


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Spirit Week 2014

This week marks the 4th annual Spirit Week at Mount Royal Academy. The participation by students and faculty thus far has been truly impressive. It is so wonderful to watch all of the students become enlivened and excited about their school.

For a recap and preview of the week's events, please see the schedule below.

The finale of Spirit Week is our annual observance of All Saints Day. All parents and community members are invited to attend the All Saints festivities.

  • Schedule:
    • Monday; Twin or Triplet Day
    • Tuesday; Mis-match Day
    • Wednesday; A Day in History
    • ...
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Saint John Paul II: Promoter of the Family

Today marks the feast day of a modern saint. Saint John Paul II was a staunch defender of the family. I know many of our own families grew up with John Paul II, and remain fond of his pastoral care.

He was deeply moved by the troubles of the modern heart. John Paul matured in a hostile environment (World War II; Cold War), but he never lost hope. If you could summarize his message it was this, "Do not be afraid". Observing and analyzing with boldness yet gentleness the difficulties facing the modern era, he stated that Christ "fully reveals man to himself". In short, we cannot understand who w...

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MRA to Pray for Future of LaSalette Shrine

October 8th, 2014

And now we're off! October customarily marks the beginning of recurring schedule irregularities. I thank you in advance for all of your sacrifice and patience. There is a lot of action at MRA right now, both within and beyond the classroom. However, I have always found that the opportunities we take to come together as a school community only increase the bonds between us. I just want to highlight a couple of events and reflections.

Last Friday all of the full time faculty members attended the annual diocesan Teacher Formation Day. No faculty member left feeling confused or d...

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MRA Celebrates 'School of Excellence' Recognition

On September 30th Mount Royal Academy was pleased to welcome Mr. Patrick Reily and Dr. Dan Guernsey of the Cardinal Newman Society to campus. Dr. Guersney, Director of the Catholic Honor Roll, presented MRA with the 'School of Excellence' recognition, a feat awarded to less than 5% of Catholic schools in America.

Below is a text of the introductory remarks offered by Mr. Derek Tremblay, Headmaster Elect of Mount Royal Academy.

Mr. Patrick Riley and Dr. Dan Guersney, on behalf of the families, faculty, students, as well as the Board of Directors, I welcome you to Mount Royal Academy.  We are h...

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Mount Royal Academy Recognized as School of Excellence


September 17, 2014

SUNAPEE, NH – Mount Royal Academy is pleased to announce that it has been recognized by the Catholic Education Honor Roll as a 2014 School of Excellence.

Schools receiving this designation are marked by the integration of Catholic identity throughout all aspects of their programs and excellence in academics. The Cardinal Newman Society released the list of 71 schools from 26 states. Less than 5 percent of the Catholic schools in the United States receive this prestigious honor.

“Since competition began in 2004, the Honor Roll has been a helpful tool for...

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Welcome Message from Headmaster Elect

August 28th, 2014

First off, I want to express how humbled and grateful I am to be a part of this school community. I received many thoughtful emails, letters, and phone calls over the past two weeks. I apologize as I was not able to respond to each and every message. I do want you all to know that I am thankful for your support and generosity.

Last night's Ice Cream Social was a very spirited and positive event. We saw familiar and new faces together. Again, I received more messages, and all we can do is reciprocate our gratitude towards all of the families.

Each new school year brings mixed ...

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2014 Commencement Address

Each year the senior class selects a commencement speaker from the faculty or wider school community.

Last year featured visiting scholar Joseph Pearce. This year, the class of 2014 chose Mr. Derek Tremblay.

Below is the text of the address he delivered on June 7th, 2014.

Headmaster Thibault, Fr. Michael, board of trustees, fellow faculty and staff, it is an honor and privilege to celebrate and affirm the efforts of these young people with you today.

To the parents, families, host families, and friends of these esteemed graduates, thank you for all of your dedication, investment, sacrifice, su...

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Message from the Headmaster

As our Lenten journey approaches its end with the beginning of Holy Week, I want to say "thank you" to all the students, staff, and parents for making this such a prayer filled, holy season.  From the penny drive, the food drive, Stations of the Cross on Fridays, the confessions before Mass, volunteering at the soup kitchens, taking part int he 40 Days for Life Campaign, adoration in the chapel, holy hours at the parish, it is humbling to  see how much our community puts their faith into action.  Mother Teresa once said,

"How did Jesus love us? He died on the cross; He made himself the Bread of...

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